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Matlacha (pronounced “MAT-la-shay”) is a community on Pine Island which is an “Old Floridian” fishing village & home to brightly-colored art galleries, island boutiques, (see photos) seafood restaurants and traditional Florida cottages.  Pine Island is considered Florida’s best kept secret.  It is the largest island on the west coast of Florida with a secluded, country waterfront atmosphere charmingly fringed with mangroves.

This is Leoma.   As a rule she does not usually let people take photos in her gallery.

Loved the bohemian feel of the quaint little shops but the most unique was the Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens run by the extraordinarily talented Leoma Lovegrove (above).  Have you ever walked into a gallery where you simply don’t know where to look first because everything is so eclectic even the floor mosaics?  That’s how I’d describe it.  Full of whimsy & inspiration and items you won’t see anywhere else – trust me.

Outside the Gallery
From the back of the Gallery
Haven’t you ever wanted a pink chair?
Down with “hello kitty” we’ve had enough!

Leoma Lovegrove’s works are displayed in numerous galleries throughout the world.  Her “Beatles Series” drew the attention of the City of Liverpool and her portrait of Richard Branson hangs at Virgin Airlines Headquarters in London.  She pointed out the shoes she wore to her White House invite – “a piece of art”.  Everything is turned into ART from light bulbs to bottles.  She was honoured at an artist’s reception given by First Lady, Laura Bush and her work hangs in a private collection at the White House. Her portrait of Jimmy Carter hangs in his Presidential Library in Atlanta.  Lovegrove’s artwork has also graced the windows at Rockefeller Center in New York and the list goes on.  It’s infectious…….you cannot leave without buying a little something but you really want to buy a bigger something…….if only you had the room.  Visit her website and online gallery at:

Not so cheap Frills. I bought a hardcover mermaid book & an abalone/sterling dragonfly pendant.
Wild Child Art Gallery
Hasn’t every girl dreamed of becoming a mermaid at one time or another?
Still thinking about the native inlay on the Minnetonka flip flops I ended up not buying.
Display outside a shop
Another store showing the character of Matlacha
Thought this was a shop but it’s actually outside a private residence.
Same residence…..interesting…..Cute or Creepy?








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