A little NAPA is good for you.

Here are reasons why I need a little NAPA now & again:

Life is too short to drink bad wine

I love their pour, pour attitude

Rosy cheeks means less makeup

Sunshine Market for finding all your fresh & difficult to find items.

Dean & Deluca – pristine & purveyors of everything good in food, wine, etc.

The town of St. Helena with its olive oil tastings, art galleries, little shops and restaurant/cafes.

St. Helena Olive Company
Woodhouse (handmade in the Napa Valley) chocolate.

This little piggy went to “MARKET” – the restaurant in St. Helena where we found out that they have complimentary corking for any unopened bottle of wine you bring in.  They also have an outstanding fresh market daily menu & their own extensive wine list.

Market on Main St.

Too little time – too many wineries.  Here’s what we managed yesterday:

The Coppola winery because inside its like a movie set.  Sofia Coppola has her own wine.  It must be nice to have one named after you.  Mine would be “The Whine Queen”.  Let me say his movies are much better than his wine.

The Grand Entrance to a spectacular set. That's Francis Ford Coppola as in Sofia's dad.

Orin Swift” where we took home an elusive “Prisoner” and learned a lesson.  That wines labelled “old vines” must be at least 50 years old to qualify for the name and those that are labelled “ancient vines” must be at least 99 years old.  See, older is better!

The unusually rustic but very personal feel of the Orin Swift tasting room. Right on Main Street across from Market.

Clos du Bois” in Geyserville, Sonoma County where we bought the “petit verdot”.

Chateau St-Jean” which make my favourite Chardonnay but now they make my favourite limited release pinot reserve.

On the beautiful grounds of Chateau St-Jean

The best for last was the “Jacuzzi” (Italian varietals) where you can have a chocolate shot – hollowed out to fill with wine of your choice – now we’re talking!

I couldn't help taking this photo.


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