Beauty – the tool kit.


Let’s Talk “Tools of the Trade.” Not only makeup artists require these.                    

How many of you have most or all of the items listed below? 

“The Art of Makeup”

1:  Tweezers – fine edge and slightly pointed tip work best. “Tweezerman” made in Germany is my favorite.

2:  Sponges – good for blending foundation and getting into tiny creases around the nose and eyes.

3:  Eyelash Comb – the fine tooth comb prevents lashes from turning into a clumpy mess.

4:  Eyebrow Brush – one of the most underused makeup tools. Simply brushing the eyebrows upward can open up the eye area and reveal hairs that need tweezing.

5:  Huge Powder Brush – buffing the face after powdering or bronzing removes any excess powder.

6:  Blush Brush – bristles should be soft.  The ones that usually come with the compact are too small and too hard.

7:  Lip Brush – applying straight from the tube doesn’t always allow for control over application.

8:  Sponge-tip Applicator – for applying eye makeup, evening out eyeliner and under browbone.

9:  Eyelash Curler – an essential for me.  Shu Uemura from Japan or Chanel precision curlers are my favorites.  Begin by applying the curler as close to the base of the lashes as possible.  Softly squeeze the curler and then gently walk it outwards.  Apply mascara as needed.  Currently loving “DIORSHOW” electric blue mascara,  Hard Candy Ginormous Lash in Purple Haze and for black it’s still MicaBella mineral mascara.

MicaBella 100% mineral makeup on eyes and face

10/11/12:  Eye Shadow Brushes – different kinds for applying eye makeup to lids and browbone. Slanted is great for dipping into powder when slightly damp for eyeliner.

13:  Contour Brush – this may seem a rather peripheral tool but many women use it for blending and to shape the face.  I never use this but if you have a wider face you can use a darker shade of powder foundation or bronzer and apply it directly to the outer part of cheeks to create the illusion of a slimmer face.

14:  Scissors – cuticle scissors with slightly curved points are good for trimming false eyelashes and brows.

Cleaning your brushes: I dip them in a solution from “MAC” mixed with warm water then rinse in regular water & leave on paper towels to dry completely.  Best done every couple of weeks.

Did I miss anything?

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