Simple and Satisfying – healthy veggie noodle soup.

Japanese inspired with crunchy seaweed on top & soba noodles.

Asian Inspired veggie noodle soup – my version. This is a great tasting dish and so healthy too. It will help you avoid getting a cold.

I recently had lunch at a noodle house where everything was made fresh on the spot with your choice of noodles from buckwheat to rice to udon.

You can tick off all the veggies and meat or dumplings you want to add to it on a little sheet where everything is listed.  Fun!  I want chicken dumplings with rice noodles and baby bok choy, tofu, mushrooms, green onions and spinach.  Don’t feel like the crunchy cruciferous ones right now.  I bought a homemade hot/garlic sauce which really added oomph to the broth.

Chinese inspired with baby bok choy, snow peas & spinach noodles.

Then on my way home I bought the following:

Shiro Miso Soybean Paste for making broth (which they use for Miso soup), extra firm tofu, a bunch of different veggies and I had buckwheat and spinach noodles at home just waiting to be useful.

Added chicken stock for additional flavor, some bonito flakes and a bit of bonito flavoured soup stock (available at any Japanese grocery store) and steamed the veggies in a huge bamboo steamer.  At the end I tossed in some baby spinach, tofu & sliced green onion.  Then upon serving a little soy, some crunchy seaweed/sesame and Japanese 7 house spice that is on the table at every single Japanese restaurant.  The actual name in English is red pepper mix or Shichimi TogarashiNothing with M.S.G.

Let me say that it was simple to prepare and so delicious that I may never end up going back to that little noodle house ever again…except to buy more of their special house hot sauce.

What about you?  Do you love Asian INspired soups? What kind of noodles are your favorite?

Note: You can find many Asian groceries like noodles, bean paste and spices now at places like Whole Foods or other local grocery stores and markets.

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