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MicaBella Mineral Shimmer Shadows
MicaBella Mineral Shimmer Shadows – LOVE THEM!

If you really want your eyes to sparkle this Christmas then you need to be wearing the right eye make up. The ‘Three Ls’ make up the basic stages of eye make up application- Lids, Liner, Lashes– and you need to be sure your make up bag has the perfect product for each stage if you want to make the best of your makeup 1

Lids    Eyeshadow - Copy

The eye lids are where it’s at for color. There are so many gorgeous shades out there at the moment- but that means it’ can be so tempting to go wild and pick the brightest, most glittery tone you can find but nothing screams drag queen more than over the top eyes. The truth is you should pick colors that sort your natural coloring and base all your eye looks around that. You should start with a lid primer to help eye makeup adhere and last for hours.  MicaBella makes an amazing primer for lids.  The best eye make up styles are made of three color tones on the lid.  Firstly a very light base color to create a shimmer should be applied between the lashes and the brow.  A grey/silver or beige/gold shade usually works best.

eyes_1Next to add color. You will need a main color for the whole lid and then a darker tone of the same color for the crease and corner of the lid if you want to emphasize your eyes and make them the main feature of your face. Experimenting with colors you like is the best way to learn what suits you best but check out the colors we think work best:

Blue Eyes : The natural color of blue eyes shines brightest when surrounded by warm natural colors. Using light brown tones with a pretty pink shade always works well.
Green Eyes : Dark brown or mocha shades are great for a natural earthy daytime look while purple tones contrast well with green eyes to create more drama.
Hazel Eyes : The different colored flecks in hazel eyes allow you to highlight the different tones depending on your mood. Try using a green shadow with a hint of gold alongside a pale yellow or lighter green to pick out the different tones within the brown of your eyes.

*Remember that any eye color looks great with smoky eye make up. Celebrity make up artist Lisa Eldridge has some top tips on achieving a sultry smoky look:                         Sexy Smoky Eyes Made Simple


Eye liner is probably one of the most common things that people struggle with when it comes to beauty. The hassle of getting your lines straight and even and avoiding smudging can make it all too tempting to give this stage a miss but it really is essential in defining the shape of your eyes.
The secret to perfect eye liner is all about choosing the right product for you. There are three main types of eye liner to choose from:
Kohl Pencils: are best for beginners (above). They glide on easy and can be blended and smudged without much effort. However this does mean they may smudge where you don’t want them too after a few too many vodkas.
Liquid Liners : last the longest and create the most drama but you need a steady hand to apply the liquid and it’s not so easy to remove if you make mistakes.
Felt Pen Liners : are a cross between the first two they are easy to apply like a pencil without going blunt and have the liquid smoothness. They can also be more difficult to correct when you have a little slip up however.  *Black eye liner may look too severe for those with blonde hair and fair skin so try using a brown or grey shade to soften the look.

holiday makeup 2 holiday makeup 3


Lovely lashes are the finishing touch to any gorgeous eye look. The longer and thicker you can get your lashes the more glamorous they will look. Stars like Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen love to flutter false eye lashes on the red carpet and it’s now easy enough to get the Hollywood lash look at home. Celebrity lash designer (yes that is a real job) Christina Smith tells us the best way to apply false lashes:

Top Tips for Lovely Lashes

If you don’t fancy the hassle of all that cutting and sticking there’s always the good old traditional curlers and mascara method. The best eye lash curlers are usually the most basic ones. Some people find that heated curlers make their lashes stay shaped for longer but usually a good squeeze with a standard pair is just as good.  I still swear by Shu Uemura but Chanel’s precision curler is excellent too.  Note: I can go without wearing mascara but cannot do without my eyelash curler.

There are some great mascaras on the market at the minute that can lengthen, thicken, strengthen, separate and even make your lashes grow.

Waterproof mascara is essential if you’re off to a hot and sweaty club or plan on crying when watching the new film “Les Miserables.”  Right now my favorite waterproof mascara is “Christian Dior Show” Mascara in cobalt blue. It’s just a really great mascara which builds the lashes up and can be intense.  Otherwise I choose MicaBella’s black dramatic lengthening & thickening mascara.  Oh, nothing the holidays to glamorize our looks….

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