Scene in the City – what a RIOT!


Go Canucks!
Go Canucks Go!

Let’s take a look back at Wednesday, June 15, 2011.  That was the date of a rare public disturbance that broke out in the downtown core of Vancouver, British Columbia – known as the Vancouver Stanley Cup riotA riot to remember. There is good likelihood that this will never happen here again.

We have faith that this will not happen here again – Vancouver is LOVE.

 The riots happened immediately after the conclusion of the Boston Bruins’ win over the Vancouver Canucks in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, which won the Stanley Cup for Boston. At least 140 people were reported as injured during the incident, one critically; at least four people were stabbed, nine police officers were injured, and 101 people were arrested that night, with 16 further arrests following the event.  A total f….up.

Real Fans Don't Riot
Real Fans Don’t Riot

With anything good…or….bad….there comes ART.  Here, some of the artful abuse (aka graffiti) which is preserved at the Vancouver museum on one large wall.

One by one...changes come.
One by one changes come – now don’t we feel dumb!

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