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Oh NO….I’m still in the process of figuring out how to record on my TV.  I lost something in Dropbox today and don’t even talk to me about making changes to my website.  And then somebody sends me this youtube little glimpse into what’s coming!  I better get with the program.

It gets better – the video is from Corning as in “CorningWare” the same people who make that thermal shock cookware that you can use on your stovetop.  Everyone owns a piece.

I’ve never posted a link on its own but YOU MUST take a moment to view this youtube video if you haven’t already.  Take my word – This is MIND BLOWING!

It's time to WAKE UP
It’s time to WAKE UP

SOMETIME SOON…..In the near future – a world made of GLASS…..                  


A stunning glimpse into the future courtesy of Corning:                                                                              

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