Personal Post – Bellagio Collagio

It’s easy to get jaded fast in VEGAS and not only that but it can be overly tacky at the same time.  Two completely different contradictions.  The best and the worst of everything.  But how can you ever get tired of seeing the spectacular waterfall display at the Bellagio hotel that’s on every hour & set to music?  This one was set to “singing in the rain.” bellagio 1 bellagio 2 bellagio 3 bellagio 4 bellagio 5 bellagio 6 bellagio 7

It gets even more dramatic in the evening.  Every 15 minutes with an additional light show.

One of my favorite Vegas past times is to sit at the outdoor “Mon Ami Gabi” cafe at the Paris hotel with a glass of wine and just relax and watch the show.  That’s before hitting the casinos of course.

Photos: d. king


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