B Well – Dance your way fit!

Just when we were getting used to Zumba wouldn’t you know that there are now four new classes that will have you feeling and looking better than ever:

Masala Bhangra
Masala Bhangra

 If you like Pilates try BARRE3 – where Ballet meets Pilates and Yoga with small handheld weights and high energy tunes.  It targets your upper arms, abs, seat and calves.  I think this is the one I’m looking for.  Created in Portland, Ore., this exercise routine can be found at studios in California, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey , Ohio and Washington, with more planned.

 If you like ZUMBA (I do), try JUICY ATHLETIC MOVES – a vigorous, choreographed blend of world music. Each 75-minute session builds endurance, blasts hips, and carves a svelte waistline.  Stars like Pink and Minnie Driver used it to reclaim their bodies post-pregnancy.  Malibu based founder and trainer Neda Soderqvist streams her 60-minute evening classes through the JAM Web site (juicyathleticmoves.com).

 If you like Cardio Sculpt, try FLYBARRE.  A fast-paced pop music-fueled sculpting class that merges light interval-based weight training and ballet.  The hour long series of lunges, squats and stretches lengthens your core.  You’ll get a lifted derriere (and who won’t appreciate that), trimmer thighs and toned arms.  Fans flock to locations around the country, from Atlanta to Seattle.  Visit flywheelsports.com for more info.

 If you like HIP-HOP try MASALA BHANGRA – a funky, high-energy Indian folk dance with the glitz of Bollywood.  This 45-minute routine engages every muscle while burning 500 – 700 calories.  You’ll see the biggest changes in your biceps, deltoids and lats – plus, you’ll lose inches from your midsection.  Classes are held in gyms nationwide (Crunch is one) and creator Sarina Jain offers instructional DVDs such as Masala Bhangra Workout: Bollywood Diva Style ($23 – masaladance.com).

Let me know if you try any of these and how you like them.



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