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Pretty or Princely in Paisley.

It mostly reminds me of wearing flannel pajamas. paisley 1 paisley 2 paisley 3 paisley 4 paisley 5

It’s a print pattern that dates back to ancient times, appearing on fabrics all around the world.

The Beatles popularized it as psychedelic on their 1968 pilgrimage to India, where it was everywhere, but in fact paisley derives from the “town of Paisley”, in central paisley 6Scotland, a centre for textiles where paisley designs first were produced.

The New Oxford Dictionary defines paisley as ‘a distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine cone design from India‘ .

 While many people may dislike paisley, the new look of this pattern with different style and color combinations  works winningly for everyone. The current paisley is vibrant and epitomizes spring with its lush colors.

Whatever its origin, wearing curlicued teardrops makes a woman or man stand out wherever they go.

It’s nice to know some things never change….or maybe change if only slightly.


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