Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty

Karl Otto Lagerfeld’s contribution to fashion is enormous. 

The son of a wealthy businessman, he was born on September 10th, 1933,  in Hamburg, Germany. Following his family’s emigration to France, he initially was educated at St. Anne’s school. Lagerfeld completed his education at Lycée Montaigne, where he focused on drawing and history. He made history before he died on February 19th, 2019 (aged 85) in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.  

Making His Story:

The latest Met Gala honoured the late designer, famous for giving re birth to Chanel at a time when fashion fanatics were starting to turn away from the classic brand in favour of more modern looks.  Especially when Coco Chanel died in 1971 and the company was heading towards a fate of brands (like Balenciaga) starting to fail once their founders were no longer in place. Lagerfeld was determined to change that.

I’m very much down to earth.  Just not this earth.” – Karl Lagerfeld

He shifted the brand’s focus from fragrance to fashion.He ended up modernizing the classic pieces and making them once again, the most desirable in any woman’s wardrobe. 

He also served as lead designer at Fendi for more than fifty years, as well as his eponymous line and a stint at Chloé and Patou.

Among his many talents, he was also a photographer, preferring to shoot his own ad campaigns.  He wrote a book “off the record” – with photographs and sequences over the years shot in black and white.  Often with models and costumes, his photographs are stylish, sensuous, literate, and full of fantasy and desire. 

He was also the first to do a collaboration of 30 pieces with H&M in 2004.  The entire line sold out in minutes, and led H&M to collaborate with a variety of other designers including Balmain and Moschino in following years. I was one of those to purchase a few choice fast fashion finds of Isabel Marant at H&M.  Thank you Karl for that, and for my real Chanel treasures that I’ll never part with…because you made them desirable and timeless.

And now The Met Costume Institute’s spring 2023 exhibition will examine the work of Karl Lagerfeld (1933–2019). Info on A Line of Beauty:


I was just listening to the beautiful playlist on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3XkVtjb9yaB4bEmAnQv0yD?si=5bf7f7af4f244dc7&nd=1

Photos: taken from Pinterest

Header Shot: d. king


Trina Turk: PS Style

Spring is in the air which makes us all want to lighten up and brighten up a bit more, especially with our clothing choices.

With clothing in general I tend to lean more towards solids and neutrals.  I think it looks chic but ultimately easier to accessorize with jewellery and scarves. Here in Palm Springs where women dress in bold bright prints, neutral is almost considered a dirty word. Sheesh!

But whether it’s solids or prints we prefer, designer and style icon Trina Turk has us covered literally.

with Trina (middle) and friend Kathy.

I’ve always loved her colourful resort style aesthetic and even own a few pieces which always makes me feel more alive when wearing them.  It’s quintessentially California (but really Palm Springs) lifestyle which captures a multicultural sunny mix of fabrics and playful pattern choices from short cocktail dresses to polished suits, bathing suits, caftans and more. Whatever the choice, it’s always eye-catching.

The Trina Turk flagship boutique is located in the uptown design district of Palm Springs.  There’s another store at El Paseo in Palm Desert.  Other locations include  Los Angeles and Dallas. 

There’s also a Mr. Turk section of the store for men who aren’t afraid of vibrant color, graphic prints or statement suiting.

opening night fashion week March/2022

I had the pleasure of meeting Trina twice recently.  Once at the opening of the eclectic “Market Market” and last Sunday at “Very Vintage” in Palm Desert where friend and vintage curator Kathy Murphy presented Trina with an award for her contribution to Palm Springs style with her eponymous color driven Lifestyle brand.  It was a great time seeing all the fashionistas, perusing the vintage vendors, listening to Trina talk about how she started out and finally, the fab fashion show.

Trina Turk clothing rack at Very Vintage outdoor market experience.


Fashion Week Opening Night

Narces by Vikki Yassemi

Photo: d. king

It’s always a pleasure to attend the opening night fashion show at Fashion Week El Paseo in Palm Desert.  All the nights are great but there’s something special about the first night.

Photo: d. king

I was thrilled to get 1st row Diva tickets for “NARCES” by Nikki Yassemi from my friend Candy through her friend Bobbi Lampros; a giving sponsor for the five non-profit local charities benefitting each show.

Standing by a large cover of Palm Springs Life Magazine (a sponsor).  Wearing vintage satin cocktail dress with lace trim and a mohair ostrich feather wrap (bought in Capetown years ago).  Vintage Gucci kitten heels + matching clutch.

The show was excellent.  There were even a few pieces that I could actually see myself wearing given the right occasion.  And yes; these unique pieces are especially designed for a special occasion.

NARCES is a womenswear line creating luxury eveningwear, cocktail and bridal designs inspired by the romantic glamour and elegance of the mid 20th century with a distinctive modern twist.  The silhouettes are strong yet feminine.

Photo: d. king

Designer, Creative Director and Founder Nikki Yassemi Wirthensohn brings her international background to her feminine aesthetic. She was born in Austria and grew up in Iran and the UK before moving to Toronto, where the brand is designed and made.

She was surrounded by design, art, and fashion all her life. Her mother worked with esteemed British tailor to the Royal Family, Victor Edelstein, who is renowned for having created some of Princess Diana’s most iconic gowns.

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king

From her website: The pieces are meant to be worn and styled in different ways to show individuality. From a voluminous-sleeve organza gown, which could be worn as an overcoat, to a dress that can be disintegrated into four pieces, there are numerous creative combinations. The feel is ethereal-meets-supernatural, and bodies are textural with hand-embellished flowers that are both dainty and bold with metal and spark.

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king
Friend Tammy in middle wearing a killer jumpsuit to go with her killer figure flanked by her friends Geri (L) and Valerie (R)
Photo: d. king


Photo: d. king


The pre-show at PS Air Bar with David + Candy
with Candy on El Paseo
New friends

Yes; lots of fun had by all

the fun continued at the post show party at “Wildest”

Header Image: d. king


Fine Feathered Men

Our fashion preferences and differences are what make wearing it well – well; at the very least, an intriguing topic, especially when it comes to finding out how women prefer to see their men (as in husbands or boyfriends) dress on a daily basis.

The modern man who loves designer labels and likes to “excessorize” can be called many things: a fashion-forward fellow, metrosexual man, fellow fashionista, designer dude or luxe lad. All labels point to the same fixation – making a statement with a passion for fashion.

Why this subject? Because recently, a male friend of mine was surprised – more like shocked – to find out that I’m the type of woman who prefers my guy to NOT dress himself in luxury designer clothing. He thought that because I love fashion in general, that I would expect my boyfriend to be a metrosexual shopaholic, focused on façade and making an impression with appearance and the clothing he wears.  Not the case.

 In fact, I find it a turnoff.  Along with any other straight men who sparkle.

Of course, there’s always an exception.

nice + relaxed

The word Metrosexual was coined in 1994 (formed from metropolitan and heterosexual) to describe a guy who is very concerned with his grooming and generally spending a substantial amount of time and money on shopping as part of this.

Overall, I enjoy seeing men who dress well, with a little flair too, as long as it suits their personality. In general, I prefer my guy to not be overly concerned with keeping up with fashion trends and designer wear. Clean, well fitted choices that are not outdated… with a little more ooomph now and again like a fitted suit with high quality shoes for going out to certain events is what I like.

You might wonder why someone who grew up in stylish Montreal, who enjoys dressing up and writing about fashion might feel this way.  Hmmm…. interesting.  It has nothing to do with being able to afford designer garb. We know it costs more and yes; luxury clothing is well made, but perhaps women like me don’t like that fact that men put energy towards creating an impression with designer wear.  Could also be that we don’t want to be reminded of, or exposed for, or ourselves accused of the same shallow vanities and consumerism.

Or, maybe it’s because we prefer to reserve the right for women to be the more stylish and for men to appreciate us for putting it together instead of them putting too much effort into what they think will impress us, expressly with logos and styling.  Save the expense for shoes.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate a nice Gucci loafer, cashmere sweater or designer shirt…just not all the time, and certainly not head to toe.

It’s nice for men to wear and appreciate designer clothing, but I’m talking about when they tend to build their image around it that, which may suggest a narcissistic, attention-grabbing character. In other words, they put all their effort into dressing upmarket and chic. It’s just my personal opinion.  I know some women who feel the opposite.

But what’s even more interesting is that I made the same assumption about another woman as my male friend made about me.

I listened to a podcast with Chelsea Handler talking about her recent breakup and dating in general.  A friend of hers set her up on a blind date where she met this man in a restaurant.  She said he was seated at first so she couldn’t see him from the waist down.  When he got up, the first thing she noticed was that he was wearing an Hermès belt.  She was so turned off that she said she knew right then and there that there would be no second date.

Wow…so judgy over a belt?  A bit extreme maybe, but I get it!

It’s not about the belt.  It’s about what the belt represents. It’s about the fact that a straight man went to the extreme of buying the most high-end sought after belt anyone can buy in order to make a statement.  A statement that not only says “I can afford this” but also that “I pay attention to designer labels.” And yes; the belt is indeed very well made of the utmost quality.  I love the belt….only not on the guy I’m dating.

I know…double standard here right? Or am I just conflicted?

Some women don’t want to be out-dressed by the man. Opposite to the animal kingdom, peacocks especially; where the males are seen in bright, shimmering colours; complex patterns; and elaborate plumage in order to attract the peahens.

So. should men be like peacocks?  Yes, or No?…Even though it’s safer for them than for other male animals that are prey for more than females?



and then there’s Iris

Iris Apfel – The Accidental Icon
If this centenarian supermodel and muse isn’t an inspiration to women everywhere, I don’t know who is. 

She was told “you’re not pretty and you’ll never be pretty, but it doesn’t matter.  You have something much better – you have style!”

After watching a documentary about her life 8 years ago at Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) I became obsessed with her.  She’s someone to admire, simply fascinating and lives her life with a joie de vivre like no other. At 102 years young, she’s still going strong.  We should all be so lucky.

Her claim to fame as an American businesswoman was having an interior design business with her husband, Carl, from 1950 to 1992. She founded Old World Weavers in 1950, a small interior design textile company to recreate original fabrics from the beginning of the 19th Century and reproduce fabrics they found while traveling the world. Their career in textiles got them a contract with the White House that spanned nine presidencies.  She helped nine first ladies decorate the White House according to their taste, combined with a “touch of Apfel”.

She obviously has a flair for fashion and great personal style.  Some credit her for creating personal style. A trendsetter who follows no trends – a trend starter!

Apfel is the first living person who was not a designer to have her clothing and accessories exhibited at the Costume Institute Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in 2005. She is also the first woman over 100 to make a collaboration with H&M. Previous designers for the multinational fast-fashion clothing company (based in Sweden but pretty much all over now) have included Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld + Comme des Garçons .

She’s also the only person over 100 to have more than 2 Million followers on Instagram. 

Married for 67 years, her husband Carl passed away on August 1st, 2015 at age 100. Apfel will celebrate her 103rd birthday on August 29, 2023.

Iris Apfel resides in Palm Beach.  One day when I go back there, I’m going to find her.

It’s well worth watching this 2015 documentary trailer:

Photo: Couture Consultancy. She even has a doll in her likeness!

The woman who said “A woman is as old as she looks, but a man is never old until he stops looking” still offers hope to women everywhere – even if they’re not pretty and never will be.  It’s all about how you present yourself.

Art + Fashion with the Barone’s

Never has art and fashion co-existed so fervently as with the Coachella Valley’s celebrated husband and wife Pop Art team – Karen and Tony Barone. Their works have been collected and exhibited around the world.

Karen + Tony standing next to Tony’s rabbit paintings. Photo: d. king

I jumped at the chance to visit their hosted open house last week at Goldfield Home and Art on El Paseo in Palm Desert – during the monthly art walk along El Paseo.  While sipping champagne,  my friend Candy introduced me to her friend, Mary Orlin; who’s husband Jon is filming a documentary about this dynamic art team duo. Something I don’t want to miss as soon as it comes out.

Must say the studio knows how to greet guests in proper fashion.  Photo: d. king

I’ve never put myself in so many photos but it was so much fun with plenty of distractions. Photo: Ramona Huth

Almost every fashion show I’ve gone to, the Barone’s have been there too, as well as every Modernism opening night party at the convention centre and other happening social events around town.  They’re the topic of many conversations and for good reason. Wherever they show up your eyes immediately travel to Karen; a tiny, colorful chameleon-like butterfly. If anyone is her own muse, it’s Karen.  Fun and fabulous with her fantasy fashion choices that compliment her personality. Karen has been designing clothes for most of her life; out of necessity, she says, due to her “tinier” figure that makes it difficult to find things that fit.  Oh; I hear you Karen.  Ha!

L-R : Candy, Mary, Karen, Tony. Photo: d. king
My friend Ramona just lounging around. Photo: d. king

Karen herself is a work of art. A kind of mythological being as Tony has exhibited with his goddess-like visual paintings of her.  Some of their sculptures and paintings appear childlike but many come with a message.

Remember the 9 giant wild rabbit installation you couldn’t miss when travelling from Rancho Mirage to Palm Desert? Well, you had to be here.

Photo: Desert Sun  (a few of the bunnies)

The aluminum sculptures were created by the Barone’s.  I don’t know this to be fact, but I’m wondering if it was to do with calling attention to the wild rabbit population across Europe being wiped out due to a deadly disease in the last few years. I’ll have to find out.

And this one:

Photo: taken from their website

DETAIL: Karen Barone enters the photo … not to take sides but “for scale”…

There are many issues dividing our country and ripping this nation apart… the one being addressed in this work of art is “The right to bare arms vs gun control”… Each side of this debate are deeply entrenched … this painting enters the conversation in terms of highlighting the division.

The  “ENDANGERED SPECIES” is America … America is represented by the United States one dollar bill … also symbolic of the USA is the American Bald Eagle … in this painting the eagle is presented as a mythological female… part human … part bird: head of an eagle … wings for arms… 

Check out this unique video art: “Spicy PlaytimeDon’t Card Me” with Karen Barone

Thank you for a wonderful evening.


 The adventure continues: Check out this 2020 article in local paper “Desert Sun” re Karen and Tony Barone’s self-guided art tour through Coachella Valley.


Fearless Fashion

Advanced Style with Tziporah Salamon

Photo taken from her website.  Check out Look Book below.
With Tziporah wearing my Emilio Pucci blouse from Mitchells Palm Springs.

What a pleasure to meet and chat with celebrated fashion icon Tziporah Salamon at the Curated Vintage Event in Palm Springs this past weekend. The event is a yearly gathering of prime vintage vendors of fashion and jewellery under one roof from all over the United States. Tziporah was also a guest speaker of Mitchell Karp’s (of Mitchells Palm Springs – premium vintage clothing and accessories) annual Modernism fashion show at Temple Isaiah, a midcentury modern structure .  This time celebrating 1969 Academy Award style. Always a fun event.

Whether hailing a cab or riding a bike, always the style maven.

Photo taken from her website
Photo taken from her website

It was very easy to spot Tziporah at the event (photos don’t lie although for myself, sometimes I wish they did).  I bought her book “Advanced Style” which she warmly signed for me.  The beautiful hard covered book celebrates individual, ageless, timeless style for women of every age but focuses mostly on ageing women.  Her personal style might be a tad eccentric for most people, although she demonstrates how to put together beautiful outfits to help women find their own personal style. She tailors it to the individual. She also takes women out of their comfort zone as she herself is a chameleon and an artist.  Her originality elevates the act of dressing to an art form whether she’s styling herself or others.

Through dressing and your mood, you can re-invent yourself every single day. Let’s face it, we have to get dressed every day anyway. Fashion may not be your whole world, but it sure makes your world more fun.

Tziporah was a favourite muse of the late New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. She is regularly photographed in the New York press and teaches style seminars titled “The Art of Dressing.” She appears in the book and documentary “Advanced Style” and in Lanvin’s advertising campaigns.  Salamon appears regularly in her one-woman show, “The Fabric of My Life,” a sartorial visual autobiography. She is absolutely delightful and an inspiration.

 “Tziporah is a combination of entertainer, genius, artist,  archetypal Magician, a flash of Pierrot, 1920’s glamour, with Asian flair, timeless beauty and the energy and fun of a Hummingbird…”

It’s fun to be fearless at times and discover a different side of yourself.  Tsiporah brings out the muse in all of us.

I am my own muse, the subject I know best – Frida Kahlo

Tziporah’s Lookbook:

Check out her Advanced Style on YouTube:

Style Icon: Vivienne Westwood

I design things to help people to hopefully express their personality Dame Vivienne Westwood, who built an International brand with an eccentric edge.

April 8, 1941 – December 29, 2022

Vivienne Westwood attends the Vivienne Westwood show as part of Paris Fashion Week (Photo by Pierre Suu/Getty Images)

Kate Moss | Mario Testino, Vogue 2009

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.  Someone else said this but I’m not sure who it was. In simpler terms Fashion is what you buy and Style is what you do with it.  For example:

Here are some of my favourite fun and fashionable Westwood looks – compliments of “The Guardian” with link to original article below.  Glancing back at some of the most memorable looks from the iconic British fashion designer and rebel.

Autumn/winter 2001-02, Paris
Westwood’s clothes featured rips and safety pins but were steeped in history.
Photograph: Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

The reason why I am proud of my part in the punk movement is that I think it really did implant a message that was already there. The hippies told it to me, but punk made it something cool for people to stand up for, which is that we do not believe government, that we are against government – Vivienne Westwood

London 1985
A model wearing Vivienne Westwood clothes outside the World’s End boutique in Chelsea.
Photograph: Universal ImagesGroup/Getty Images




Autumn/winter 1992-93, Paris.
In 1993 Vivienne produced her own tartan and invented her own clan, MacAndreas, for the Anglomania collection. The Lochcarron of Scotland officially recognised the clan, a process that normally takes 200 years.  Photograph: WWD/Penske Media/Getty Images

Taken from “The Guardian” – No fashion designer ever had a Paris show like the one staged by Vivienne Westwood in 1991. Although she was by then 50 and had been making clothes for sale for 20 years – and the British Fashion Council had named her designer of the year – she stitched much of that collection on her own sewing machine in her shabby south London flat, hand-finishing it in the van that transported her, and the models, to France, where the couturier Azzedine Alaïa had invited her to guest-show. Despite those limitations, the collection was a major success.

Autumn/winter 1991-92
Dubbed ‘Always on Camera’, this collection was inspired by 1930s Hollywood.
Photograph: John van Hasselt/Corbis/Getty Images

Spring/summer 1995, Paris
Supermodel Linda Evangelista in a dazzling gown on the runway.
Photograph: Images Press/Getty Images

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes – Vivienne Westwood








Autumn/winter 1995-96, Paris. Linda Evangelista on the runway in Paris, France.
Photograph: PL Gould/Images Press/Getty Images

Autumn Winter 2000/01
Jerry Hall in a ready-to-wear gown.
Photograph: Pierre Vauthey/Sygma/Getty Images

Autumn/winter 1992-93, Paris. Her own designed tartan for the Anglomania collection. 
Photograph: WWD/Penske Media/Getty Images

Autumn/winter 1994-95 – Paris.  Carla Bruni in the famous fuzzy coat and matching underwear from the On Liberty collection. In 2007 Westwood was one of the first designers to ban the use of real fur in her collections.  Photograph: Michel Dufour/WireImage.

Autumn/winter 2013-14
A model walks the runway during the Vivienne Westwood ready-to-wear show.
Photograph: Stéphane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images

Autumn/winter 1995-96, Paris
When asked about her most memorable Westwood show by Another Mag, Kate Moss said: “The one where I had a rabbit and I think I was naked … I don’t think they’d put any top on me. I don’t know, I was wearing Crotch Minis [dropped crotch trousers] and I think some crazy hairdo by Sam McKnight – a mohawk but it was all curly …”
Photograph: Daniel Simon/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

















2012, New York City.
Rihanna performs in a Vivienne Westwood gown at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in New York City.  Photograph: Kevin Mazur/WireImageTaken from:



Fashion Week Re-cap

Indulging our inner (and outer) fashionista

A few highlights from two world class fashion events that took place end of March in Palm Desert.

The first set is a selection from the shops on El Paseo showcasing some of my favourites.  Taken from the Diva front row section courtesy of Design Diva of the Desert Tracy Turco.  I meant it when I said we can never hope to fill her shoes, but we can sure hope to fill her seats.  I thank her very much for the experience.  Tracy was also one of the sponsors.  It was a fabulous evening.

Fashion Week on El Paseo was held March 19-26, at The Gardens on El Paseo celebrating 15 years of style at the West Coast’s largest consumer fashion show.

Every show provides an inspiring, immersive fashion experience and features cocktail receptions, trunk shows, celebrity meet-and-greets, and much more. Highlighting fashion trends and showcasing a who’s-who of the country’s top design talents (including some stars of tomorrow), Fashion Week El Paseo takes one of the world’s most relatable art forms and brings it to you in style.












one of the sponsors

On Saturday, March 26th, two women I know put together the first high-end vintage collective sale and informal fashion show in Palm Desert.  It was held outdoors at Image Galleries on a very hot day…but that didn’t interfere with attendance and an overall good time with an amazing vintage selection. Not to mention the art gallery…where art and fashion intermingle.  I mean what can be better than that?

Tracy Turco looks good no matter what she wears – always.

Yes; it appears that GLAMOUR IS indeed BACK!  At least in Palm Springs/Palm Desert.  After almost two years in sweats and pajamas it’s a welcome shift.

Photos: d. king

“Glamour is Back” photo: taken from Gay Desert Guide.