Le Diner en Blanc

What a unique + outrageous evening I had last night – a sister date in a sea of white and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.


I attended Vancouver’s second “Diner en Blanc” courtesy of my sister Lisa. Have you heard of it? This event  first started 25 years ago in Paris and has now become a global phenomenon.  A big part of the event is always its secret location up until a few hours before having to make your way there.  This year many people guessed the Science World location ahead of time.

blog7This exclusive sold out evening drew 2,500 people, double the size of the first Vancouver one held last year near the Olympic cauldron at Jack Poole Place.  What a coincidence that Black Sabbath happened to be playing at Rogers Arena on the same night.  Which left many black clad fans on their way to the concert wondering what the hell was going on and why everyone was dressed up all in white – a strict dress code requirement. Not only that, but participants were required to bring their own picnic baskets, folding tables, chairs, dinnerware and even food unless you arranged to have it catered. You had to make arrangements to order wine & champagne ahead of time too.

We were very lucky to have an excellent chef cater a five course meal for our table of about sixteen people.

Melissa, Jen, Lisa, Debbie
Melissa, Jen, Lisa, Debbie

We enjoyed live music of  upbeat, mostly french songs too and danced a bit.

Hey there's another Lisa - the running group leader.
Hey there’s another Lisa – lulu run group  leader, looking lovely as ever.

Now there are many other en blanc dinners held in various cities around the world.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif., was shut down when a flash mob took over the elegant shopping street for the Los Angeles version of Diner en Blanc on August 22nd. Participants included François Pasquier, 69, who held the first Diner en Blanc 25 years ago in the Bois de Boulogne.

Adrien & Ange
Adrien & Angela

“Such a chic pique-nique,” Pasquier said of the Beverly Hills version.

Also, to make memories depends on how distinctive and different it is. That’s what is remembered the most – doing that little bit of extra to make it more special so people will talk about it for a long



CrowdSo, would I do it again…..after having to lug our own or borrowed folding tables/chairs, tablecloths, napkins, place settings, dishes, glasses, candles, centrepieces, etc.  – Bien sûr!photo(21)

Talking with friend Manu
Talking with friend Manu


Lovely Lisa
Lovely Lisa


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