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My my, hey hey..Rock and roll is here to stay – it’s better to burn out than to fade” Neil Young

Keith Richards - Rolling Stones by Dee Lippingwell Photography
Keith Richards – Rolling Stones. Dee Lippingwell Photography

A brief history of the significance of rock music:

taken from images - the cover of TIME magazine
Just in TIME – a cover of TIME magazine.  Taken from images.

Rock ‘n’ roll is important to our North American society just like baseball, hot dogs and cotton candy.  It has even influenced cultures in different parts of the world, especially Europe. Rock ‘n’ roll is woven into the natural fabric of our lifestyle even if we don’t always think about it. It constantly influences popular culture and starts new trends that often travel through different social arenas.  Just like its influence on other forms of music, Rock n’ roll has also influenced clothing, television and dance.  Rock ‘n’ Roll has been influenced by many different types of music as well (especially the Blues) and has paved the way for originality, self expression and free thought. It has allowed artists to speak on political issues and influence government.  It is so much more than just music…

dee3Looking at the past through a lensA NEW BOOK celebrates four decades of rock & roll photography by rock legend Dee Lippingwell.  I have the pleasure of knowing Dee through a mutual very dear long-time friend and recently attended a book signing/music event.

Dee with her original of Eric Clapton.
Dee with Eric Clapton.

I enjoyed her first book “best seat in the house” but her newly published one is filled with written anecdotes by Dee on her related experiences with many of the saints & sinners of rock/pop music – some very funny stories, some sad, a few embarrassing ones and a couple

just plain maddening – all thought provoking and stimulating.

It makes for a more interesting read.

Our keepsakes.  With Margeaux.
Our keepsakes. With Margeaux.

You’re not only looking at photographs but relating a story to many of the photos.  Through Dee I have a new appreciation for Rod Stewart but unfortunately not for Freddie Mercury (although he was super talented). It’s entertaining to experience it all through her eyes – her LENS.Tina Turner

Van Halen
Tina Turner & Van Halen –  Dee Lippingwell Photos

 Long John Baldry (Legendary Blues Artist: 1941 – 2005) was a close friend of Dee’s. This is my condensed version of what he wrote: “Dee is probably the only photographer who knows how to shoot me.  Most others aim their lenses vertically at me, I suppose to take advantage of my unusual height. Dee will climb up ladders, dangle from balconies or even be suspended from a helicopter to get that ideal shot. 

Dee with Long John Baldry
Dee with Long John Baldry

Since I have known her she has photographed me thousands of times on-stage and most of these shots have turned out to be classics.  It is a real treat to know Dee Lippingwell, the quintessential rock photographer.”

At "fan club" book signing - Vancouver.
At “fan club” book signing – Vancouver.
The Paul Allen experience music project museum - Seattle.
The Paul Allen experience music project museumSeattle.  I went to the opening to see James Brown perform live with photographer friend Jacqueline Feldman.  What a show – the man could move!

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