ART/Culture/Life – by ART alone…

ART is part of our culture and can improve our LIFE

By art alone we are able to get outside ourselves, to know what another sees of this universe which for him is not ours, the landscapes of which would remain as unknown to us as those of the moon. Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world, our own, we see it multiplied and as many original artists as there are, so many worlds are at our disposal, differing more widely from each other than those which roll round the infinite and which, whether their name be Rembrandt or Vermeer, send us their unique rays many centuries after the hearth from which they emanate is extinguished. (Proust)

Lucian Freud - interior with plant reflection - listening self-portrait 1968
Lucian Freud – interior with plant reflection – listening self-portrait 1968

What do I ask of a painting? I ask it to astonish, disturb, seduce, convince.” – Lucian Freud

Agnes Martin
Agnes Martin

When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye it is in the mind. In our minds there is awareness of perfection.

What I say is that we’re capable of a transcendent response, and I think it makes us happy. And I do think beauty produces a transcendent response.”  – Agnes Martin

Albert York
Albert York

“The modern world just passes me by. I don’t notice it. I missed the train.”

“I think we live in a paradise. This is the Garden of Eden, really it is. It might be the only paradise we ever know, and it’s just so beautiful, with the trees and everything here, and you feel you want to paint it. Put it into a design. That’s all I can say.” – Albert York

Joan Miró - 1927
Joan Miró – 1927

 “I feel the need of attaining the maximum intensity with the minimum of means. It is this which has led me to give my painting a character of even greater bareness.”

What I am looking for… is an immobile movement, something which would be the equivalent of what is called the eloquence of silence, or what St. John of the Cross, I think it was, described with the term ‘mute music.'” – Joan Miró

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” ~Thomas Merton


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