Lineup for Fall/Winter 2014-15

labourdayAlways celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labour Day originally gave workers the chance to campaign for better working conditions or pay, but now the day is part of a long weekend for many. Yay!

And Remember, you CAN wear white after today – just not so bright a those of you who read this blog (among other blogs) and especially for those of you who write blogs, you can appreciate the challenge of continually trying to come up with original content and keeping it brief.  So I’ve decided to incorporate some old stuff into the mix which I hope you’ll find interesting, amusing and perhaps even useful. You can expect a few small changes from the daily lineup. I’m also open to suggestions if there is a category or subject of relevance you’d prefer to see.  I’m constantly looking at ways to improve this blog and enjoy working on it immensely.  I try not to plan too far in advance of what I’m going to write in order to keep things fresh. Thank you for checking in.

blogIn the meantime here’s a look at what to expect from upcoming daily posts.


Travel/Lifestyle – re-visiting the world’s wonders starting with “Z” for Zanzibar.  I’ve recently come across many photos which invokes so many memories of great places I’ve visited and now I want to take you along for the journey.  Or;

Art/Culture – featuring an artist, talking about all aspects to do with art and cultural events.


Fabulous Food – (for foodies) a recipe, restaurant or specialty food item. This week we discover African Breese Specialty Foods (specializing in South African delicacies).


style – fun with fashion, style with substance.


beauty biz – everything to do with beauty including makeup and skincare product reviews.


Feel-good Friday – an inspiring thought or image.


health MATTERS – health related news and healthy tidbits.


words – generally inspirational quotes but it can also be a poem, story or excerpt from a book.

Enjoy your last day of freedom before you go back to work or school (except here in British Columbia where the teachers are still on strike).


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