Travel/Luxury: the Exclusive “all-inclusive”

Le blanc spa resort – Cancunleblanc5

I’m not usually into all-inclusive vacations but I think I can resort to this.  leblanc11My brother and his girlfriend just got back from Le blanc spa resort in Cancun and by what they described and by the looks of these photos it makes me want to jump on a plane right now.  In actuality I will be heading on a plane soon enough to go to a different part of Mexico but I know I won’t be getting my own private butler there.  More on this later.

Le blanc spa resort is aleblanc4 luxurious environment with an all white décor to match the all white sandy beaches. It is an adults-only all-inclusive nestled along the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean.  It is apparently a world onto itself.leblanc6

The staff is trained to serve you and make you feel that this is not your typical resort.  Service is professional, prompt and polite.  The staff looks as good as they are (I read this) and the private butler is a real plus!  The dining is fine world class. The rooms are clean with private Jacuzzi and French balcony with views of lagoon and resort or common areas.  leblanc8The spa is a sanctuary.  They have an amazing fitness facility which also offers yoga & pilates.

It comes highly recommended by some very picky people.  It seems like a dream vacation.  And what about that butler?leblanc12

I think I can do this!


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