Style/Design: BeDazzled

Style is so much more than just about clothing.blog1

It encompasses our lifestyle choices in general.  Our décor, art, kinds of food we like and restaurants we go to, books we like to read, where we prefer to shop, places we like to travel to, hobbies, movies and people we like to hang out with.  Lots of likes!  Our tastes are a blueprint for our personal style.blog3Sometimes we can appreciate other people’s tastes even though it’s not “our style”.  In any event there’s a lot of choices out there and lots of exciting things to discover, new and old.  The key is to appreciate the whole.blog8

blog2blog7Stepping into Dazzles, a Palm Springs Vintage Department Store has a unique style of its own. It’s a definitely a step back in time. 

Owners Mike and Keith are often asked if their things are reproductions.  They’re not.  They’re all original items ranging from the 1920’s – 1970’s and everything is in near perfect to perfect condition.  Impressive.  I was with my sister at the time. It was fun rummaging around and the more time we spent looking, the more we found stuff we liked.  Because it’s always nice to mix ‘n match.  And stepping back in time has a special feel.  Can’t exactly describe it in words – it just does.

with Mike, co-owner
with Mike, co-owner
enter through the driveway
enter through the driveway

Photos: Lisa King (double click on any to enlarge)


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