Tracy Turco’s style: because we can all use a little glamour

Ummm… maybe high impact glamour is what I really meant to say.

Photo taken from Tracy’s new Website (see link at bottom of page).

Tracy is someone I met in Palm Springs last year and I’m happy that she’s become a friend.  Needless to say, Tracy stands out from any crowd and has a multitude of talents to her credit.  There’s almost nothing that she cannot accomplish.  She’s also a gracious hostess.  I find her inspiring.

And earlier this week she launched a new website that lists all of her creative ventures and adventures. To name a few.…if you’re looking for a cool place to stay in Palm Springs you might consider the ART Hotel, Tiki Hotel or Tiki House that she personally designed.

For now, I thought it would be perfect to share a tidbit of information taken from her actual website.  At the bottom of this page you can go directly to the website where you’ll find everything you need to know.

Taken from Tracy’s website:

The creative mind behind brands such as SalonTea, Tracy Stern Shoes, Tea & Co. and a whole lot more, Tracy Turco – formerly Tracy Strern – is an artist, designer, author, hotelier, entrepreneur and style icon residing in the midcentury mecca of Palm Springs. As an interior designer she has brought her touch to numerous stylish residences and businesses, as well as vacation homes and colorful boutique hotels such as the Tiki House, Art Hotel and Tiki Hotel in Palm Springs, not to mention her own home decor collection.

Tracy also attended numerous Paris fashion house shows as well, regularly seen front row dressed by luminaries such as Emanuel Ungaro and Guy Laroche to name but a few. She was voted ‘Best Dressed New Yorker’ five years in a row by the respected Avenue magazine, and has also featured on style-driven TV shows such as Bravo’s ‘Mad Fashion’.

Tracy’s shoe line came into being when she created a patented design for interchangeable uppers on a shoe giving multiple shoes with just one pair.

From there the Tracy Stern Shoes line took off internationally, selling to destinations such as Japan, Russia, Paris and Italy. It was equally popular with celebrities around the world including the likes of Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan. 

Didn’t I tell you she was inspiring?  For more go to:

My Previous Post: Tracy’s Tiki Tea Party:

Tammy’s Wall Art

I’m inspired by other people’s choices of home décor including artwork.  Art tells a lot about a persons personality.

Artist: Michael Poitier from Montreal

My friend Tammy (who obviously has a penchant for champagne, dogs & Palm Springs) has invited me over for several really scrumptious dinners including the one where I first met Daniel (the artist) and his partner Karl.  In fact, this dynamic duo was responsible for re-designing Tammy and her husband David’s beautiful condo which is also situated on the same golf course.  There’s something tranquil about facing a golf course.  Tammy and David reside in Palm Springs for the winter preferring to escape the rainy (and now snowy) Vancouver landscape.

For this post I wanted to feature some of their artwork

by Gary Dorothy; Imageville Gallery  (this is in their hallway)

Will Alistair in the living room.

Pamela Masik original.  If you look closely you can find images of people + animals.

Artist: Connie Townsend

Artish: Connie Townsend.  Bichon pets Timbit & Lily Bella in a car that used to belong to Tammy. fyi: they weren’t really driving.

Tracy Verdugo

How about you? Are you inspired by other people’s artwork?



Feel-Festive Friday: that’s the Spirit!

With ONLY NINE MORE SLEEPS to go until Christmas if you’re not already in the spirit, then walking through the lobby of the Vancouver Sutton Place Hotel is the place to get it.

It’s the most festive looking lobby I’ve seen.

But in the true spirit of the season, they are not only striking to look at as they light up the lobby, there’s a purpose behind them.
sutton1sutton9Every year many talented designers, stagers and retailers in the city come together with one goal – to create a mini wonderland   using trees as their canvas.

The inspiring Christmas trees perfectly reflect their aesthetic and creativity.  The uniquely adorned trees delight the community and raise funds for an amazing cause – PALS, a Vancouver-based innovative school for autistic children. sutton11sutton8

When you view the trees, you are asked to vote for your favourite tree with a donation. These valuable donations go towards PALS. One of their methods for teaching uses visual cues via iPad. The funds raised will help with purchasing and replacing iPads and iPad covers.

sutton6sutton5You must come down and see all the incredible trees in person – they are truly the best decorated trees in the city! A stroll through the lobby to view the trees and vote for your favourite one costs only $5, with all proceeds going to PALS.
Also in the lobby:sutton420161203_140043

And necessary humour to enlighten us even more
And necessary humour to enlighten us even more


It’s as simple as this:suquet2

the Suquet home tells a story of eclectic elegance, taste and style

La Carinthia Mirrored Fireplaces. Italian Leather Sofas.
La Carinthia Fireplaces among Italian Leather Sofas (you can choose your style and colour).

Last Thursday I attended a designer & artist champagne reception to toast the newly opened Suquet Interiors in Vancouver’s Yaletown.  A feast for the eyes…décor  and art sublime!

Artist: Tanya Slingsby
Artist: Tanya Slingsby

Artist: Justin Ogilvie
Artist: Justin Ogilvie

The building itself has industrial flair with its high vaulted ceilings which melds perfectly to the furnishings inside; an enduring amalgamation of old world charm and modern luxe mixed with captivating art.  A perfect combo.

the entrance
the entrance


It doesn’t get much better than this.

I find the furnishings themselves are works of ART, and

definitely the standout magnificent mirrored fireplaces. Do you get the idea of how much I like them?

Artist: Tanya Slingsby
Artist: Tanya Slingsby

Tanya Slingsby stands beside one of her amazing works of ART
Tanya Slingsby stands beside one of her ART pieces.

I met lovely Tanya Slingsby, an artist who has impressive and varied works of art displayed around the store.  There are some amazing stand-alone pieces.


Mosaic by Jason Dussault
Mosaic wall art by Jason Dussault

Georgina Masana stands next to her paintings
Georgina Masana stands next to a set of her paintings

Georgina Masana is another talented local artist. She is originally from Mexico City.  Her son Ramon Jr. is co-owner along with Rick Bohonis (previously of Urban Barn).  I asked Georgina if there was a meaning to the name Suquet.  Her explanation:

Suquet is the last name of my late husband Ramon’s mother.  It is also a Catalan word that means a broth in diminutive.  When you use the letters ‘et’ in Catalan it means a diminutive. There is also a dish called Suquet that is similar to bouillabaisse with shellfish and broth served in a casuela.  But basically my husband wanted to use it because it sounds nice.”

suquet meal
suquet meal

I agree.  It does sound nice and it’s as nice as the tasty photo she sent me of the eponymous dish.  Best of luck!

Suquet Interiors – 1014 Homer St. (in Yaletown) Vancouver.

Photos: d. king

Did I mention the Accessories?
Did I mention the Accessories?




LifeStyle – Indoor/Outdoor Living

This is a LifeStyle blog.  Are you getting tired of hearing the term Lifestyle? outdoorliving8

It has become such a common catch-phrase so I looked up the word in Wikipedia just to make certain of the meaning and know that I’m on the right track.  According to them, the term denotes the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of the person (in this case me, the blogger).

So this blog focuses on things that matter to me on a wide variety of subjects about things that attract my attention, pique my interest and what I find personally inspiring…with an emphasis on style with everything from food to fashion or just plain fun.outdoorliving6It tends to attract a certain following of like- minded people.  I do not have the following of Gwyneth Paltrow or Martha Stewart yet so I gravitate towards tasteful subjects of interest and try to put a personal element into the story whenever possible, which is fairly often, and without controversy. It encompasses my aesthetic of living in general…which I think is pretty simple…for the most part.


In a perfect world I would probably spend my life outdoors.  As it stands, whenever the weather allows for it I do exactly that.  Luckily I have close to 1,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space which I try to make feel as comfortable as possible to enjoy.  This is my perfect lifestyle – doors wide open…indoor/outdoor living.  And dogs are very important! As soon as we got an early surprise summer I scrambled to plant a few geraniums, set out pillows, get fresh flowers and get it together.

My Deck

Now I’m trying hard to pair down and keep things simpler but at the same time so many things have been collected from various travels (including many rocks & shells) and they’re hard to part with because of the memories. I’m one of those people who finds it hard to let go. Almost everything is from somewhere else and has a meaning.  And I’m not traveling so much these days. I’m just a homebody who wants to feel like I’m still traveling.


Which included making these simple summer salads:

Grape tomato & bocconcini with basil & balsamic glaze
(L) Grape|Tomato & baby Bocconcini with torn Basil & Balsamic Glaze. (R) Kale, Yam, Feta & Sundried Tomatoes in a light vinaigrette.


Anyway, this turned out to be a random post because the last four days have been busier than usual with some last minute plans – which are sometimes the best.  I ended up with a ticket to the Who concert on Friday which was so much fun (who says guys in their 70’s can’t rock!) and time spent with girlfriends and last minute brunches/dinners, a committee meeting and a fundraiser.  And I have no clue what I’m going to write next.  But know this….some exciting things are about to take place…..

It’s always an adventure one way or another

These napkins are very hard to come by
These napkins are very hard to come by – they invoke memories of time well spent.


Photos: d. king

My Pinterest Board: “This is Living”




Décor – casual island living

When you live on the water I think you want something reflective of your surroundings. These photos from a friends house overlooking a lake show a balance of simple comfy casualness mixed with sophistication. Of course I love all the sea details with starfish, shells and fish strewn throughout the house.

This is a little sitting nook to have coffee, afternoon tea or just relax or read a book.
A little breakfast nook to have coffee, afternoon tea or just relax and read

The view is the main attraction
The view is the main attraction but there’s no shortage of places to sit & chat

Country Style
Country Style hanging pots & pans with lots of sunshine that flows from all directions

I like the wood details & oversized comfortable sofa & chairs
I like the wood details & oversized chair & sofa – well suited for the location


I like this stained glass piece in the entryway
I like this stained glass piece in the entryway even though the owner wants to replace it with something different.

Colourful artwork is displayed all over the house but I’ve decided not to post photos as they are stolen private.

Do you have a favourite home style?

For me, it’s a mix of belongings picked up from various travels.  All that matters is that they have meaning to me and bring back memories of places, people and times.  I like a combination of rustic and modern, colour,  black & white or plain white walls with lots of art.  I’m leaning towards less is more now (don’t laugh, I mean that). Ideally, I would have several small homes and each one would be different. A pied-à-terre in Paris, New York and something on the beach. In the meantime, I will live vicariously through some of my friends. It’s always nice to see other people’s tastes.

Photos: d. king

Vintage Style/Décor: Pink Canary

midcentury modern—has never been more au courantcanary5canary8Pink Canary offers VINTAGE and UNIQUE items for the homecanary3
Specializing in midcentury modern, barware, art glass, pottery, and home furnishings. They have one of the largest selections of Vintage Glassware in the Desert. canary4

New items are vintage inspired and include Candles, Pillows, Linens, and other furnishings.

Location: 160 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, California

I like this for outside entertaining
I choose this set for outside entertaining

well afterall, it is Palm Springs
well afterall, this is Palm Springs

Photos: d king

Style/Design: BeDazzled

Style is so much more than just about clothing.blog1

It encompasses our lifestyle choices in general.  Our décor, art, kinds of food we like and restaurants we go to, books we like to read, where we prefer to shop, places we like to travel to, hobbies, movies and people we like to hang out with.  Lots of likes!  Our tastes are a blueprint for our personal style.blog3Sometimes we can appreciate other people’s tastes even though it’s not “our style”.  In any event there’s a lot of choices out there and lots of exciting things to discover, new and old.  The key is to appreciate the whole.blog8

blog2blog7Stepping into Dazzles, a Palm Springs Vintage Department Store has a unique style of its own. It’s a definitely a step back in time. 

Owners Mike and Keith are often asked if their things are reproductions.  They’re not.  They’re all original items ranging from the 1920’s – 1970’s and everything is in near perfect to perfect condition.  Impressive.  I was with my sister at the time. It was fun rummaging around and the more time we spent looking, the more we found stuff we liked.  Because it’s always nice to mix ‘n match.  And stepping back in time has a special feel.  Can’t exactly describe it in words – it just does.

with Mike, co-owner
with Mike, co-owner

enter through the driveway
enter through the driveway

Photos: Lisa King (double click on any to enlarge)


Lifestyle/Décor: Ideas  

On my recent outings I came across these recyclable home decorating designs.  IN the Home or Studio:

Post-IT Notes LAMP
Post-IT Notes LAMP

They might not be to everyone’s taste, but we all agree that they’re conversation starters and attention-grabbing to say the least.

Cycling Junkies
Cycling Junkies

What to do with your finished paint tubes.
What to do with your finished paint tubes.

Let me know what you think?

Inform Interiors Vancouver –

Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art - 2121 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver.
Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art – 2121 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver.

NEW: ART EXHIBIT at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian ART:

Mr. Gordon  A. Smith o.c. curated this exhibition to show his appreciation of this exciting group of local artists (most were in attendance at the opening) and arts educators.  He believes the artists featured  here deserve great attention and praise for their artistic endeavors and contribution to arts education in British Columbia.  WORK IS ART speaks to Mr. Smith’s expansive definition of the term art itself – everything can be seen as ART.  It is the drive, passion, and quality of work that creates art.  Not simply putting paint to canvas, but how your chosen practice is undertaken and conceptualized.  The 11 artists featured in this exhibition have described what Mr. Smith’s mentorship has meant to their lives and artisic careers. Their individual stories paint a vivid picture of what Gordon means to the Gallery, to our community, to countless students, and to the development of art in Canada.

SEEN on the Street:  

outdoor book dispensary from wood wine crates.
Help yourself: outdoor book dispensary made out of  wood wine crates.