Travel/Culture – Austin’s Power

WHY AUSTIN?austin4A friend of mine will soon be visiting Austin Texas, and knowing that I’ve been on several occasions, asked for a few recommendations of places to go.

Although things can constantly change in this unique capital city I’ll be talking about the mainstays.  Everyone who visits Austin leaves with something great to say. If it’s not the legendary live music or vibrant arts scene then it’s the inspiring cuisine or stunning outdoor settings in this effervescent city. There’s not much not to like.

the Elephant Room
the Elephant Room

Music in many forms is everywhere in Austin. You can find Musicians playing everywhere from festivals to underground clubs and even grocery stores (like Whole Foods).  I listened to exceptional live jazz at a cosy little bar called “the elephant room” and live rockabilly at the Granddaddy of all local music venues, the Continental Club. So much fun.continental1

Food – I have sampled some of the best bar-b-que, tex-mex (naturally) and eclectic bistro fare in this town.  I provided links to a couple of previous posts of two places I thoroughly enjoyed – a noteworthy barbeque pit and a restaurant owned by Sandra Bullock.  I haven’t been to Franklin barbeque but apparently it’s one of the top places to go.  Can’t imagine it being much better than the rustic setting & live music that Salt Lick offers, but that’s the word on the street.


Gueros_GuitarFor Tex-Mex there’s Güero’s Taco Bar. They have an amazing salsa bar & hand-shaken margaritas in a landmark building with a patio.  Since discovering this place I haven’t gone anywhere else for Mexican in Austin.  They have the best chile relleno I’ve tasted to date. 

Bess Bistro
Bess Bistro

There’s so much more to discover but if you only have a few days you can start with these suggestions.

Any more ideas for music and places to eat?

Elephant Room: 315 Congress Ave.

Continental Club: 1315 S. Congress Ave.

Bess Bistro: 500 W. 6th St.

Güero’s Taco Bar: 1412 S. Congress Ave.

Franklin Barbeque: 900 E. 11th St.

The Salt Lick (a bit off the beaten path): 18300 FM 1826, Driftwood, TX




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