Feel-good Friday: Tiki Time – Happy Hour!

It’s Friday.  Pour a cocktail, sit back and relax!

Time to make a trip to the Shameful Tiki Room.

kon tiki opened in 1958
kon tiki opened its doors in 1958 and closed them in the early 80’s.
A once familiar signage
A once familiar signage

It began in Montreal when I accompanied my parents to a place called the kon tiki lounge. My dad didn’t drink but my mom liked to order a cocktail with rum & fruit juice in a hollowed out coconut. I had a Shirley Temple in a pineapple topped with a maraschino cherry and always an umbrella.  The room was dark and exotic that had lagoons with running water, palm trees and  blue, green and red lighting. It felt so grown up and indulgent. So when I moved to Vancouver one of the first things I did was pay a visit to Trader Vic’s at the Bayshore hotel. The chain was not nearly as intimate and they didn’t bother to fill up a pineapple but the cocktails were still tropical style.

In Palm Springs recently we visited a place called Bootlegger and the Tonga Hut.  Bootlegger is very tiny, very tiki like and dark but the thing about the Tonga Hut is they have a secret room.  I won’t tell you how to find it (it’s very cool) because then it wouldn’t be a secret.  My friend disappeared in a flash behind a secret wall – that’s all I’m saying. I came across a website that explains Tiki Culture (yes, it is a culture onto itself).  THIS IS IT:

The Tiki Lifestyle. Island Living. Retro Life. What is it all about?

Bootlegger, Palm Springs
Bootlegger, Palm Springs
Matchbox, Palm Springs
Matchbox, Palm Springs.  Okay, it’s not tiki but they have a firepit.

IMG_0050Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s all about living the good life the way the cocktail set did back in the day. Historically and geographically, Tiki is defined by Polynesian culture.

People who are into Tiki Culture, or the “Tiki Lifestyle” crave an escape from the fast-paced lives we live. We want to know we have a special place, whether physical or in our minds, where we can go to get away from it all. For many of us, it’s our own little Tiki Bar set somewhere in the corner of our home. For some of us, it’s the Tiki Bar down town or on the beach. For a lucky few, our entire lives (including our homes and businesses) are 100% Tiki with that distinct mid-century retro look and feel.  Source: http://tikiloungetalk.com

 Do you do tiki?

some things never change - cheers!
some things never change – cheers!

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