ART Specific: See Sawing around New York Art Galleries

Have you heard about this new ART App, called *See Saw Map that started in New York?

Kiss by Judith Henry
Kiss by Judith Henry

It makes perfect sense since NYC has so many great galleries.

Besides the big ones (MoMa, Guggenheim,The Met) there are tons of smaller galleries that are spread across lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Since it’s one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in New York, many people have already fallen for this new app which shows you all of the exhibitions taking place.install_right_wall_180_dpi_lYou can search by locality or artist — and it will also bring up all of the information on each plus flag any exhibits that might be closing soon (so you don’t miss a thing). It covers all of the art happening in New York City and Brooklyn with plans to soon expand to other cities like Los Angeles. What a great idea!

Here is a current showing I find interesting observing the roles people play (similar to the fly on the wall).


Red Nails
Red Nails

Judith Henry April 9-May 16, 2015
Conceptual Artist Judith Henry brings her fascination with humankind closer to home – casting herself as the protagonist of powerful mixed-media compositions that explore the various roles we play.
Judith Henry has spent her career bringing the proverbial “faces in the crowd” into focus, incorporating snippets of overhead conversation or a snapshot of a passerby into her artworks.
**Bravinlee programs is pleased to present two new series of work by Judith Henry; Me as Her and The Artist is Hiding,
For over 40 years, Judith Henry has created evocative multimedia artworks that explore the friction between our interior lives and public selves. Henry’s projects often re-purpose documentary materials like newspapers, telephone books and film clips in poignant explorations of identity and loss.
In a series of black and white photographs, Me As Her, Henry continues her long-standing practice of remaining hidden/masked within her work. She re-imagines herself behind masks of significant and accomplished women who have died.

Henry as Lucille Ball
Henry as Lucille Ball

The photo-masks themselves reveal very little about the personality they depict, underlining the truth that there is little any of us can know about who we see and who sees us. The photographs are shot in available light, on location near her home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The appearance of Henry’s hands is itself a reflection of her own aging process and an important signature of each piece.

Henry as Josephine Baker
Henry as Josephine Baker

Sometimes the mask informs the painting; sometimes the reverse is true. Once again, Henry’s hands are the only part of her that is visible and thus the only clue to her identity.

For over three decades, Henry traversed the streets of New York City secretly photographing and eavesdropping (so be careful what you say) on the people she encountered, resulting in her Overheard Book Series published by Universe/Rizzoli (2000-2002). The series consists of four books: Overheard at the Museum, Overheard at the Bookstore, Overheard While Shopping and Overheard in Love. In 2006 Atria published Overheard in America; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. images

*ART App:
**BravinLee programs is a contemporary art gallery in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.  Address: 526 West 26th Street #211, New York, NY
Source: Introspective Magazine on the website (luxury re-sale website):

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