Feel-good Friday: Girls Night IN

Speaking of fun Fridays, last Friday four female friends and I got together for a little potluck, lots of wine and a much hyped about movie that’s been out for months now, adapted from a bestselling book that none of us were ever planning to read and now we won’t bother for sure.  I have to preface this by saying that we are all fairly sophisticated women, well travelled, adventurous and at least three out of the group are intellectuals but not me.new-trailer-fifty-shades-grey

Okay, we were all curious to watch a less than satisfying movie (that’s putting it kindly) because we all wanted to find out (let’s be honest) what kind of kinky sex scenes would play out.  All five of us really had no idea what to expect because that was all we knew of this movie. And of course that was all we cared about but we were hoping for a little more of an in depth storyline other than that of a young handsome (but bland) successful billionaire (with a secret and a well stocked secret play room) who preys on inexperienced vulnerable young women, one of who works part time in a hardware store and is not so sure she wants to sign the contract he puts forth before her……oh, hope I don’t ruin any of this for you.

So we watched embarrassing as it is to admit Fifty Shades of Grey which we re-named Fifty Shades of Dull. We didn’t rent it for the acting ability as if but even the sex scenes were not the least bit exciting – pretty bland actually.  That’s not to say that any of us find getting whipped or tied up to be exciting not that any of us who may have ever tried it would ever admit to it, but I’m guessing not but it was just plain boring.

Although it seemed like it could go somewhere
Although it seemed like it could go somewhere

Put it this way, it was more of a comedy and we laughed the whole way through. The best part was giving our own commentary to the actors.  We figured we’d re-write the script our way and change the dialogue so it would be more inspiring.  Our version would not be “R” rated and the lead actor would be changed to someone else like Daniel Craig although we’d have to do a casting call just to make sure.

Then we wondered how many women actually found this movie to be stimulating? Best word that comes to mind.  Also, how many women are experiencing less than satisfactory sex lives that they have to resort to watching movies like this for excitement – Anyone? but not me.

I give this movie a whipping * out of ********** – but it was a fun evening all in all and it went to prove that 1,000 critics can’t be wrong!

How many of you have seen it?  Ahh, all of you – just too afraid to admit it?

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