Feel-good Friday: and all that JAZZ

– EAT. DRINK. DANCE –central7

It was really Sunday, but it may well have been Friday because where good music is concerned, any day of the week feels right.  WE NEED TO DANCE MORE!central3

I had a blast at Central Bistro (a friendly neighbourhood bar/restaurant in Vancouver) meeting up with three friends after a barbeque for a glass of wine, great music with the talented Kentish Steele on vocals and my friend, the super gifted Doug Louie, on keyboard. 

They played oldies by Smoky Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Temptations, etc. and we couldn’t keep to our seats finding space wherever we could to get up and dance.  People were coming in off the street after hearing the music from outside.

Ratatouille stuffed organic chicken breast.
On the menu: Ratatouille stuffed organic chicken breast.


So tonight I’ll be out dancing elsewhere because it makes me feel good -and feeling good is what life is all about.

What kind of music makes you jump out of your seat to dance?

Central Bistro (they have a pretty good menu) 1072 Denman Street, Vancouver.  Live Jazz on Sundays starting at 7:00 pm


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