Feel-good Friday: HELP?!

I just met this cool new guy a few days ago and it’s already moving so quickly.

Bangkok Jack
Bangkok Jack

His name is Jack. He’s much younger than my current guy but I like his energy. He’s adorable, lean & muscular with tons of personality, makes me laugh only he’s a bit of a player.  I was warned he has a way with the ladies.

Also, isn’t it a bit too early for him to be showing signs of possessiveness?Jack5Jack & Jia Jia

I like it here
I like it here

He no sooner got off the plane from Thailand that our eyes met, love at first sight and then what do we do? We end up sleeping together, but only cuddling. It’s a bonus that he gets along with my dog.

He was looking for some action here in Vancouver so I took him to Mahony and Sons on his second night for the view. What did he do? He got bored and fell asleep right on my lap then after a few rounds he ended up under the table.

This is how we roll
This is how we roll
Before we rolled out of here & my hat fell overboard and I almost went overboard
Is he ever going home? Or don't tell me....
Is he ever going home? Or don’t tell me….because then I might have to throw him overboard.

But today we went for a rum run and he kept up right alongside me.  So far so good, but we’ll see how it goes. You never know with these smooth types. I might be in trouble.

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