Style: Fashion Attraction – the Way we Dress

I have heard it said that women dress for other women.  Unless you are dressing
specifically for your man (wink wink), I think for the most part that may be true, but I dress for myself and the occasion. I like to feel good about the way I look even if I’m at home alone and no one else sees me. Even if I’m wearing pajamas, they must be somewhat stylish. Even when I’m glamping…I tend to look like this photo (in my dreams).  In my recurring dream I’m stepping out of a rolls in NYC wearing a low cut LBD and pillbox hat. Uh huh!women1While men may be appreciative of a woman’s overall style, women tend to make more of an effort for other women and there is nothing wrong with another woman appreciating the way you look and paying you a compliment. I do it all the time.  Women like to look good for their girlfriends because we tend to pay attention to all the little details.  Some men too, but those men are rare or gay. Sometimes it feels more special when another woman pays you a compliment because she is saying nothing more than “I like the way you look in that outfit.”  The overall context of this short film is that we should be able to openly celebrate, look and appreciate one another.   

The Way we Dress – “Notes on the Gaze” by Chelsea McMullan

*Short Film (if you are receiving this post via e-mail and cannot see the video please click on the blue title above:

Chelsea McMullan is a filmmaker whose works have premiered at Sundance, The Toronto International Film Festival and the New York Photography Festival. Her award-winning shorts have been featured by Nowness, Dazed Digital, Vice, and Vogue Italia. Whenever possible Chelsea inhabits the space between documentary and fiction filmmaking. She is a member of the artists’ co-operative What Matters Most and a secret but fervent topiary enthusiast.


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