Happy Halloween

HALLOWEEN is the one time of the year where you can be whoever you want

20151027_150103My dog Jia Jia has been bugging me to go trick or treating as a cat so I pulled together a last minute costume using an oversize long sleeved t-shirt, cat ears and bowtie (because only cool cats wear bowties)  He’s expecting to get lots of treats since he’s a bit limited in the trick department.

cat1So it was only fitting that I become his sidekick and transform myself into….CattyWoman!

bad blurry selfie
hands free selfie

We might not win first prize in the best costume department but it’s fun to play dressup for the evening and the kiddies love it.  I don’t think I’ve ever been a cat before but Meeooww.

You can’t really tell in these frightfully grainy photos just how pretty my dolce & gabbana inspired fishnet lace & crystal mask is.  Take my word for it.


Will your bag of candy be half empty or half full?

Have a scary evening!
Pumpkin Patch                            Photos: d. king

Have a scary evening!  

But watch out for the weirdos


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