Beauty – DIY coffee/coconut body SCRUB

From Pantry to Personal use. COFFEE and COCONUT oil are two natural ingredients with many benefits that most people have in their kitchen and use on a regular basis.   

Smart women know that the secret to soft beautiful skin besides lathering on a winter rich body lotion is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! At least before applying your special brand of body lotion, cream, oil or body butter.  It makes skin soooo much smoother and you need to do this especially if you plan on using a self tanner.  Did I make that clear?

Okay, so I was having coffee with my sister this past weekend and we were using colourful one-cup bodums.  My sister asked me what I plan to do with the coffee grounds after.  What I don’t use to fertilize plants I put into a recyclable container which eventually gets disposed of. She asked if I have coconut oil.  Of course I do, doesn’t everyone?

Then she asked me for a jar and before we even had a second cup of coffee she whipped me up a delightful and very useful personal body scrub using both the coffee grounds from the bottom of my bodum and some melted coconut oil.  I tried it first by massaging it on my legs in the bathtub and it worked amazingly well – as good or better than any other I’ve ever used – even the most expensive ones!  She added that we can double it to use as a face mask, just by adding a bit of honey to the mix. Hey, sounds delish!  So I say save money where you can and splurge on other products.


A coffee scrub is not only packed with antioxidants making it anti-aging and detoxifying, it is a natural astringent that temporarily makes your skin tighter and firmer. Exfoliating with coffee grounds improves circulation, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.  Coffee helps to break down fat cells and gets rid of toxins.

Coconut oil has tons of Vitamin E, which is the ultimate anti-aging vitamin. It is a great moisturizer that delays wrinkles and sagging, plus it has antibacterial properties. I would advise using this scrub in the shower, first thing in the morning for an added buzz!scrub3



1/2 Cup of coconut oil

1/2 Cup of ground Coffee


Add coconut oil (if it’s solid melt in a sauce pan or microwave) and coffee into a mixing bowl and stir until well combined.

Keep it stored in a jar in the fridge – take it out to come to room temperature before using.

Have you tried it?





































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