On my mind – if people thought like dogs

One thing for sure is….we would ALL be in trouble and I’d be such a bitch!music3

Have you ever wondered what a dog might be thinking or at least feeling with the many ways they tend to express themselves?  One thing for sure – you know right away whether they like you or not.  There’s no pussy (excuse the pun) footing around so you know where you stand right off the bat and since they’re a good judge of character it’s not a good thing if they don’t like you.  I’m always suspicious of dogs that don’t like certain people.  Most of the time they pick up on negative energy so I pay attention to that.  If my dog doesn’t like someone most likely I won’t either.

I’ve been watching their behaviour lately since I’m looking after Jack (an unusual name for a Jack Russell right?).  Vancouver is a much different environment for him having moved here from Thailand.  The weather, the living quarters, the kinds of dogs he’s not used to (mostly well behaved and on leashes)…all new.  He’s taking it all in.

Jack's favourite spot - the warmest place in the house so it feels a little like home
Jack’s favourite spot – the warmest place in the house so it feels more like home
Yes, go ahead...make yourself right at home
Yes, go ahead…make yourself right at home

His owner went back to Thailand yesterday and left a bag filled with stuff that puts my travel bag to shame.  Not only that, but he has way more sweaters than I have.  Jack is a great dog but he has a few quirks.  He doesn’t like black dogs.  I would call him prejudice (which is not allowed in my home) but then I found out he doesn’t like people who wear black sunglasses either.  So basically he doesn’t like anyone.  But he’ll adjust.

Yesterday he growled at a dog that was minding his own business across the street – for absolutely no reason that made sense to me.  The dog didn’t provoke him or anything like that so I was trying to imagine what he was saying.  Then I thought…

Imagine if people had absolutely no filters to the way we behave in public and went around barking, snarling, snapping, growling or wanting to take a bite out of those we don’t like or immediately go up and sniff or lick the ones we approve of.  Ha, ha….not sure about this but it is funny to think about.

What might they be saying? Maybe things like…music4

“I don’t like the way you look”

“that sweater looks so stupid on you”

“I love the way you look and want to hang around and play with you right now”

“you smell awful – when was the last time you washed?”

“what is the perfume you’re wearing cause I like the way you smell?”

“you’re not in my league”

“you’re out of my league”

“you’re nothing but a mongrel to me”

“what kind of mix are you?”

“I just want to have fun, eat well, walk a lot, sleep a lot and play” (oh; sounds familiar)

“I don’t like sloppy kisses”

“Ohhh I like him, he’s a badass!”

“you know what…you’re just a bitch!”

“Hey guys, I’ve had a ruff day, get out of my way”

One more tiny thing….

“If your dog is too fat, you are not getting enough exercise.”

me, Jack, Took & Jia Jia
me, Jack, Took & Jia Jia

I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren’t certain we knew better – George Bird Evans




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