ART/Picasso: Creatures and Creativity

20151226_124016It is not sufficient to know an artist’s works – it is also necessary to know when he did them, why, how, and under what circumstances.  I want to leave to posterity a documentation that will be as complete as possible.  That’s why I put a date on everything I do.” – Pablo Picasso

Picasso Print - the original was in exhibit
Picasso Print – the original was in the exhibit & not allowed to be photographed

I just saw this amazing exhibition at The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts (bgfa) in partnership with the Claude Picasso Archives.  It took the curator of bgfa two years to get Picasso’s son Claude to agree to show some of his private collection. No photos were allowed, sorry.

The 43 works, dated from 1938 to 1965, shown all together for the first time in the U.S.A., explore Picasso’s creative process.  The exhibition focuses on Pable Picasso’s favourite theme – the human figure through the medium of painting and print making (print making was a challenge for the artist) and includes lithographs, linocuts and rare corresponding plates.

Through every stage, until the final work, the visitor follows his evolving artistic vision.

The exhibition demonstrates how the lithograph and linocut techniques inspired new directions in Picasso’s work.  The exhibition focuses on specific themes, showing how Picasso’s imagery went through a constant process of metamorphosis.

Source: Tatyana Franck; curator

Have you been to any exciting exhibits lately?

20151226_125817 This b+w photograph of Pablo Picasso seated by one of his original works is available at: Jeff Mitchum Galleries @ the Bellagio Hotel,  Las Vegas. Contact: Johnnie Perea – 702.304.0007



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