Feel-good FUN: Carpool Karaoke

LAUGHING & SINGING is good for the SOUL

I wasn’t googling cars, pools or karaoke when these popup videos unexpectedly showed up on the side of my screen. 

Stevie Wonder & James Ca
Stevie Wonder & James Corden

But I’m so glad they did, because it was just what I needed to get out of a slump on a dismal day and I couldn’t stop clicking on the links to most of them. Have you heard of James Corden (The Late, Late Show with James Corden) before?  Have you seen any of his Carpool Karaoke videos?  OMG….you must! I laughed and laughed and sang along …because no one else could hear me.  Corden carpools to work by picking up a different singing superstar in each segment (some clips are longer than others) from Justin Bieber to Stevie Wonder –  It’s super funny and the songs are great.

with Adele - she's a riot!
with Adele – she’s a riot!

I started with Elton John because when I was living at home as a teenager one of the things I’d constantly hear from my father was “turn down the music, it’s way too loud” and “why do you think this guy is so great, you can’t even make out one word he’s saying” (I might have been playing Crocodile Rock or Benny & the Jets when he said it). But I remember playing a lot of Elton John.  I still love him as a musician and a person (he appears to be an amazing guy in all respects).  Next up was Chris Martin (hitch hiking on his way to appear in the half-time show at Superbowl) and Adele (how many times can you say hello?).  All have great senses of humour and the host of this crazy show is hilarious as he sings along too and sometimes stops for other escapades.

If you feel so inclined (like me, who was video binging – one right after another) you might want to check out:

Stevie Wonder (as he takes the drivers seat)

Justin Beiber, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson (as she sings for a takeout order), Carrie Underwood and Rod Stewart.

I hope it makes you laugh too.  You can let me know if you want.  XO   *(for those following via e-mail please click on the blue title above to see clips).

Elton John and James Corden

Adele & James Corden:

Chris Martin & James Corden:




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