And the winner is: my Oscar 2016 Predictions

EACH YEAR it’s the same story; I plan on watching ALL of the OSCAR Nominees up for Top Picture (at the very least)…but that only happened once.  Before this year that is.

Tom Hardy - Mad Max
Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road

I can’t believe I watched ALL the contenders in the top five categories.  It’s not that I had nothing else to do in my life okay, I had nothing else to do it’s just that this time I was determined and it became my mission.  I think the academy should make me an honorary member of the board if only because I sat through some movies I otherwise would not have desired to watch and that’s putting it kindly.  Even though they were all amazingly well done.  Have a little sympathy, all this watching is time consuming guys!

It was hard to keep my eyes glued to Mad Max, The Revenant, The Hateful Eight and some scenes in Creed.  It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the astounding special effects of Mad Max and the astonishing scenery surrounding The Revenant and seeing Sylvester Stallone again after all these years, it’s just that I don’t like gratuitous violence, crazy non-stop action with mostly (except for one) raggedly looking ugly men and seeing someone eat a raw liver when I can’t even stomach cooked liver (apparently Leonardo DiCaprio did this).  He deserves the Oscar for this alone.  So yes, they should make me a certified member.

The Martian (semi-comedy)
The Martian – not a comedy but Matt Damon is funny considering his circumstances

This year they were all really remarkable pictures. Mostly human interest, real life stories or stories based on factual incidences.  And they were heavy...the financial housing crash, a spy capture during the cold war, accusations of communism among the entertainment industry, a sex change, a deranged kidnapping, child molestations within the catholic church, an irish immigrant in the 50’s, a lesbian relationship in the 50’s, an inventor & technological wizard, a girl who founds a family dynasty, a secret that unfolds on a 45th wedding anniversary, a trek through cold uncharted wilderness, a mission to Mars gone wrong, *post civil-war bounty hunters and a man claiming to be sheriff  and the collapse of civilization with the craziness surrounding that.  I took a break in between to watch Train Wreck out of lightness & curiosity.

It would put me in a very awkward position to have to make choices for “best” this and that from what I’ve witnessed.  There are not many years where so many movies are this great.  I didn’t say enjoyable, I said great.  And there were a few surprises.  There was a common theme: Compelling, All Absorbing, Angry, Unbelievable and Shockingly Sad.  And beautiful!  Every single actor was just….perfect in their role.  It’s so unfair that only one of them gets to take home the golden statue when they’re all winners.

Here is WHAT picture and WHO I think deserves to win out of the BIG FIVE (and then be able to negotiate more $$$$ for their next picture).

Here Goes:

Best Picture: On all accounts “The Revenant” will probably win an Oscar (they were filming in extreme weather conditions and I hated Tom Hardy’s character so much). Cinematography should go to The Revenant, but my personal choice for best picture (and cast ensemble along with The Big Short) is  “Spotlight” because it’s just unbelievable how a small group of special reporters took chances to take on such a powerful deity as the Catholic Church and not let up.  They were passionate and successful in uncovering a time bomb.  Empowering!

Best Actor in a Leading Role:

Here’s where it gets dicey but Eddie Redmayne did a believably beautiful job in The Danish Girl.  But he’s up against Leonardo DeCaprio who’s always amazing and hasn’t won yet and has deserved to win in the past (can’t they tie for this one?).  Oh but; Eddie it is!  Powerful!

Best Actress in a Leading Role:

OMG please don’t make me choose.  I love them all.  Okay, Brie Larson for Room.  No, no, it’s going to be the Irish Girl Saoirse Ronan for Brooklyn because (light shades of Bridges of Madison County) it really makes you question or consider the decisions you make in your life.  Bittersweet!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:

Just by the fact that I could have killed Tom Hardy’s character myself in The Revenant, it should go to him. But I feel Sylvester Stallone for Creed deserves it for sentimental reasons and the fact that even though watching guys beating up on other guys is not on my high list, his boxing movies are sheer entertainment. This one was more enjoyable than I imagined and well Rocky Balboa; he’s just a likeable guy.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:

This one is easy (even among the other talented nominees) –  Alicia Vikander for The Danish GirlSheer Raw depth and Emotion –  Loved her!

We’ll see how I make out with the predictions on Sunday, April 28.

*I have a question for Quentin Tarantino re The Hateful Eight.  How come the stagecoach road in a movie set in the 1800’s was constantly plowed?  How was it plowed? This is important. Did anyone else notice?

I want to start a category for best dressed at the OSCARS and also one for sheer entertainment (not acting, not directing, just an all around FUN movie).  What do you think?

Any thoughts?  I can’t wait to watch something stupid.  SISTERS & Zoolander next!


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