ART/Culture: Undressed – a BRIEF history of Underwear

From practicality to provocation, one of our most everyday objects tends to attract interest, debate and sometimes controversy.


Every fashion maven knows there is an art to well-made undies.  And for those of us who appreciate them a new exhibit (CN Traveler Magazine calls it one of the ten best fashion exhibits) at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London from 16 April 2016 – 12 March 2017.

This exhibition will address the practicalities of underwear and its role in the fashionable wardrobe whilst highlighting its sensual, sexual appeal. The exhibition will explore dress reformers and designers who argued for the beauty of the natural body, as well as entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators who have played a critical role in the development of increasingly more effective and *comfortable underwear.

jesus fernandez lingerie (Buenos Aires)
jesus fernandez lingerie – the line I represented and sold in Canada after meeting my match in a  Buenos Aires shoppe window


A Brief History of Underwear will display more than 200 examples of men’s and women’s underwear from about 1750 to the present day. In particular, it will investigate how underwear design combines the practical and personal with the sensory and fashionable, in the process both protecting and enhancing the body. The exhibition will map developments in underwear design and explore the ways in which fashion designers have transformed underwear into outerwear.undressed2Curating an exhibition is a process built on collaboration, between conservators, researchers, designers and other specialists.

The exhibition, Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear, will be on display at the V&A from 16th April 2016 to 12th March 2017.  V&A Museum: Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL, United Kingdom

Sponsored by Agent Provocateur and Revlon – two brands who aim to celebrate and empower women.

Agent Provocateur is delighted to partner with the V&A to be the leading lingerie sponsor for the Undressed Exhibition. Founded in 1994 Agent Provocateur’s unique brand image is renowned for being provocative while empowering women.

Revlon: With over 80 years’ experience revolutionizing the beauty industry and allowing women to express their most glamorous selves, Revlon are thrilled to be a sponsor of the exhibition Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear.

A word from an undergarment connoisseur know-it-all:undressed3*Like most women I love a “no show” so I say hurrah for the invisible comfortable seamless pretty and practical (no VPL) every day wear brands like Commando and Cosabella .  Then there’s all the others………….let’s face it, G-strings and some bustiers are not the most comfortable undergarments.  But like high heels they make you feel sexier and in my opinion,  necessary options to the fashionable woman’s wardrobe.

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