ART – Natures Greatest Artist

He’s a small fish in a big sea with one thing on his mind (not unlike other male species) – what can I do to attract a mate? hardwork4Ahhh….think I’ll create a masterpiece like all the greats before me.  

 That’ll grab her attention!

Unfortunately the small Japanese Puffer Fish is apparently dull almost to the point of invisibility, but to compensate he’s probably nature’s greatest Artist.   To get a female’s attention he creates something in the ocean floor which almost defies belief…with his only tool – his fins in order to attract her.  How charming is that?

In his head a pound of mathematical perfection.  He plows the sand, breaking it up into the finest of particles.  He uses shells to decorate the bridges of his construction.

He can’t rest for more than a moment.  He’s a total workhorse fish. He must work for 24 hours a day for one week or the current will destroy his creation.

A final tidy up and his masterpiece is complete!  Because…hardwork1

I would definitely go out with him..if I were a little fish.  Looks aren’t everything!hardwork3

Source: Blue Planet Wildlife

WATCH this amazing short video clip:

So….know any man who can top this??hardwork2


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