Food: Simplified

Maybe it’s a temporary phase but…

This is the first time that I’ve struggled with what to write about for my food post.  Pretty sad right? This coming from the woman who loves to cook, owns tons of interesting cookbooks and has tried almost everything and likes to be creative in the kitchen. This coming from someone who embraces food from every culture,  has made spices from scratch and then questioned why on earth afterwards.simple4I just don’t want to throw any little thing at you for the sake of posting something. The recipes I post are ones I’ve made or at least appeal to me that I’m about to make.  And to be honest I’ve been cooking very simply lately and you know what…it’s great!  It just doesn’t make for a fantastic post so maybe I’ll just talk about food in general.  No, no don’t leave yet.  Let’s discuss.

Quick cooking rarely comes from a recipe so much as it does from intuition and time spent mulling around in the kitchen.  So…simple6

Instead of covering food in fancy sauces sometimes it’s nice to really taste the food itself.  I’m not so sure a simple cookbook would be a best seller but I do think people are going back to basics.  It feels healthier too. The days of Julia Child and her extravagantly rich sauces are lessening at least for me. For now.  Almost to the point of being boring but what I’ve discovered is that not only is it a breeze to make something with less fuss, but the taste is fresher.  Anything good does not require covering up. Let’s make one thing clear, simple doesn’t have to mean bland.  For instance, if you steam fresh vegetables like carrots which are naturally sweet you really don’t need to add anything else to them. Maybe a squeeze of lemon and that’s it.  Taste the vegetable itself. Also, it’s summer so we want things easy breezy where salads and barbeques are major. With steak you can barbeque just using salt + pepper but if you want to add more zing just add crushed fennel & smoked paprika along with s+p.  You only need a few good quality basics. Cooked properly with variety and colour on the plate is all it takes to make a meal more appealing.


On another note, I recently planned a surprise birthday party for my husband who hates surprises.  I really had to give some thought as to where to book a restaurant (it was on the same day as Fathers Day) for 10-12 people where everyone could enjoy something from the menu, be reasonably priced and have ambience.  Not so easy.  Anyway, I first chose a new trendy place which incorporated unusual food pairings.  But when I looked at their website it seemed almost too elaborate…and I think that men in general prefer a “real” meal instead of something showy.  So I changed it to another restaurant – something a little less formal where everyone ended up feeling relaxed and satisfied. Luckily, no complaints.  Except for the friend (and her friends) who arrived late.

They were celebrating Fathers Day having dinner at another restaurant – one that was on my Foodie list of  places to eat.  I heard wonderful things and have been meaning to go for ages.  Well….they all complained about the portions being way too small and in general were disappointed in the food considering the cost.  And they complained about it while filling up their plates with our leftovers (we ordered too much) as well as ordering more food.  Which brings me to my next question…

How do you enjoy your food in general?





















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