Feel-good Friday: Free

Blame it on the season.  I feel like floating freestyle.debbiefolkfest4debbiefolkfest1debbiefolkfest2ydebbiefolkfest3Summer is like the ultimate one night stand….hot as hell, totally thrilling and gone before you know it.

So even if I stay around home I try to make the most of it.

Most of July and all of August I am commitment free.  It’s a promise I made to myself to take time to do nothing but enjoy moments in whatever manner I choose. So I cancel classes, make no set appointments or promises and go about my daily life in a  spontaneous mode.

But with lots to think about.  If you’re signed up for a season, see it through.

 Yesterday I made a picnic lunch and rode my bike to a lovely park with the dogs and then at night a beach barbeque with 3 dogs in tow.  A perfect day.



It is not only inspiring but helps to bring everything else into perspective.

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” ― William Shakespeare

How are you spending your summer?




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