Think: mean girls grow up to be mean women

It has to start somewhere……meangirls4

This might be a little off my regular subject matter but it has a lot to do with life and how women treat and regard one another.  I’m questioning why some women are intentionally not supportive of other women, why some will go behind your back, deliberately try to make you look bad and play one against the other in a sneaky manner.  And think they can get away with it.  It’s so high school!  Speaking of which…meangirls1And you have to wonder where it all comes from. Why do some women purposely work against you instead of with you? Why are women so competitive?  Maybe the same way men are?  It’s a competitive world no doubt.  But you don’t have to be nasty about it.

I don’t relate to this type of negative behaviour but I’m willing to bet most women reading this have experienced some type of purposeful hurt caused by another woman with the main intent to make you look less than, embarrass you or try to one-up you.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about right?  It’s not a feel-good feeling.  Here is a recent example of an unpleasant experience of mine:

A woman I know but who is not a close friend  (even though it seemed like she wanted my friendship) was starting to call me on a regular basis to complain about another woman we know who did not treat her in a very respectful manner.  I listened to her and it seemed that she was being treated unfairly by adult bullying (sadly, there is such a thing). I offered my opinion in that I suggested that she not come down to the mean womans level. It felt uncomfortable but I thought she was a little shy at standing up for herself so tried to help as best I could.  Well….

In a strange twist of events the next time I saw these two women together they appeared buddy buddy and the woman who was calling me to complain ended up turning around in front of the one who bullied her and ended up acting just like her.  She behaved in the exact manner which bothered her – she put me down right in front of this other woman. This happened shortly after I listened to all her complaining and offered the best advice I knew.  And it was so unnecessary and immature of her to do so.

Did she perhaps think that by acting this way she would gain some respect?  Who knows?  I stepped away from the matter a little befuddled.  But…at the same time knowing who not to trust.  And…

This is all to say…..what gives girls?meangirls7

Let’s rethink how we want to be regarded.  Stop playing silly games.  Your boyfriend, husband, friend, whoever will eventually get to know the real you.  It may take a while but believe me…mean girls who turn into mean women never end up winning in the end.

End of story

Respect Ladies!meangirls5








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