Style: Garbe Luxe – polished ease


Garbe Luxe is where you mix luxurious athletic wear with your daily after-workout activities.  Especially if you live in Los Angeles or Vancouver.garbe8Aside from the fact that my most stylish friend is the designer behind the line, I have to vouch for the overall fit, longevity, comfort and versatility.  After all, I have a lot of it in my wardrobe.

A bit about GARBE LUXE:garbe4


GARBE LUXE is a contemporary collection of sporty edge styles perfect to take you from your workout and into your day. The collection is all about helping your athletic wear gracefully make the transition to the world beyond the exercise studio. Whether heading to a morning meeting, dropping off the kids or joining friends for lunch, GARBE LUXE has you covered so you always feel polished, confident and comfortable. Paired back minimalism, luxurious fabrics, and mix-and-match options create sophisticated options for your on-the-go life.

SNEAK PEEK –  into Spring 2017garbe12garbe14garbe13garbe10

I’m such a fan.  How about you?




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