It’s ALL about our Mothers!

Every Day should be Mothers Day because it’s not easy being a mom…so I was told!

My husband Don and his mom Jean who passed away 12 years ago. Taken from her condo in Kingston, Ont.

I remember her telling me with having had three sons the only way she was going to get a daughter was to get them to marry.  She was a great knitter too.  All I had to do was show her a photo in a magazine and presto…she’d make me a sweater just like the photo.  Yes, of course I took advantage!  I still wear a few of them.

That’s right!  You’ve gotta listen to your momma. She knows best.

One of the first things my mom told me when I met my husband was to see how he treated his mother.  That way I would get an idea of how he would treat me.  Sound corny?  Not really. He looked after her & treated her like gold.  So there you have it….

You only have one mother.  Treat her right.

my mom Elva (nickname Cookie) and me a few years ago,

Always in my heart


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