Monday Mood Board #10

The beauty of MONET

I was craving an ART day, so recently spent the better part of an afternoon gazing at Claude Monet’s Secret Garden collection at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Which by the way is coming to a close at the end of September 2017 I’ve seen Monet’s works before at the  Musée d’Orsay in Paris among other museums on my travels, but was delighted to witness some of his great earlier works in my home city.

This exhibition traces the arc of Monet’s career beginning in the late nineteenth century during his involvement with the impressionist group of French painters.

AFTER ART: The Gallery Café is a favorite Vancouver bistro especially on a nice day. Grab a table outside on a stunning patio, listen to classical music while dining on delicious Westcoast dishes. It’s Perfect!

Soup + Salad

I only know that I do what I can to convey what I experience before nature and that most often, in order to succeed in conveying what I feel, I totally forget the most elementary rules of painting, if they exist that is.” – Claude Money, 1912

Photos: d. king


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