Celebrate Good Times

because eventually all good things come to an end

Photo: d. king

It was one hell of a good run while it lasted.  It is with a huge void,  big hole in my heart and ultimately resigned acceptance that I finally got it together to organize a celebration of life for my husband Don. Just short of three months after he passed, and on Remembrance Day no less.

He didn’t want a service, big hoopla or anything pretentious.  Just a gathering of people closest to him at home with food, music and memories.  He never mentioned a slideshow although with help from a friend we managed to put together a lovely showing of images from past travels and our life together and some heartfelt words from those who treasured him.  Hooked up by computer to TV, it continued to loop around while people mingled.  My dear friend Ryoko, who is responsible for us meeting was here and gave an unrehearsed funny speech and managed to sum up in a few short minutes what Don was all about.  It was perfect in it’s simplicity,  warmth and endearment.   Just like Don himself.

Outside a winery in Napa – 2013
I’ll try my best; no promises.




2 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times

  1. Dear Debbie…..Your words have touched my heart..So beautifully written. You could not have chosen a more perfect photo of Don.. I am smiling and crying at the same time.. You and Don shared such a Beautiful life together and I am happy I got to share Some of it with the both of you.. Always Your Friend Lynda

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  2. Hi Deb. Yes, unfortunately all good things do come to an end… Deb, I don’t believe this. Good things never end. Our beloveds r always with us & although we cant see them…a light in a strange place, a white rose amongst a different garden…I hope that u r feeling a bit of acceptance & know that Don will always be, in memory with U. 🙏🏻❤️

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