May Days

What’s not to love about May

May brings promise of brighter days ahead, spring flowers, a few showers and a general lightness of being. Something we need right now is Optimism.

Here are a few things I love about MAY.

Sunday, May 2nd, was the first day of our local Kitsilano Farmers Market.  Shopping fresh and prepared local food products are always a feel-good source of groceries for me and many other locals.

Open May-October, this weekly market offers locally sourced produce, artisanal crafts & food trucks.

This cute little trailer is a food truck.

Odd Society is Makers of Fine Spirits. Now that’s the spirit!




And fortunately we’ve come to a “Dead End” here at this booth.  Forbidden Fruit Winery
In Full Bloom
My friend Tammy alerted me to a local floral delivery company called “Bear’s Blooms
Located in Kits, and starting at $39 per delivery including shipping, they’ll deliver a unique locally grown fresh selection as often as you’d like!  Once a week, once a month….whenever.
Your selection will be handpicked and delivered right to your door, fresh from local farms!  You can sign up on their website here…

Only problem is I’m not sure whether I want to go with Alma or Cecilia.  Holly and Julia are pretty nice too.  Such a dilemma!


Then there’s…Crafted Vancouver 2022 

Feast Food events feature foraging, harvesting and food preparation demonstrations & workshops, walks & talks and more. The true meaning of hand-crafted food.

Today (May 3rd) is Layla’s fifth birthday!  Happy birthday little one.  We’ve got a fun filled packed day ahead.

Lastly;  I’ve been working (if you can call it that) on an upcoming podcast with a friend.  We’ve experienced a few learning curves as we go along with designing our logo and website and learning how to edit.  It’s almost at the completion stage now, and once we’re up and running I’ll be able to share it with you.  One thing for sure is we’re discovering people and places and having fun while doing so.

That is the reason why I’ve neglected posting as often as I have of late.  That, and a lack of fashion/film/restaurant openings as you can only imagine.

  But here’s hoping things pick up real soon.

Better Days Ahead






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