Alimentaria Mexicana

Alimentaria Mexicana, located at Granville Island, is second to none for Mexican food and cocktails here in Vancouver.

In actuality it is second to none for what I’ve tasted and tested anywhere outside Oaxaco; known as the gastronomic capital of Mexico. That’s saying a lot. I went there with my friend Rosa who is from Mexico City and she said the same thing.  You’ll need to make a reservation as this place is becoming very popular and gets filled up quickly,  Now I know why.  Vegetarian options available.

The cantina offers exceptional quality, locally and internationally sourced artisanal products and provisions. And a few other extras…

Coming soon!


The first dedicated tortilleria in Canada.  Handcraft artisanal tortillas comprising non-GMO native corn that is ethically sourced and traceable to families from an array of First Nations communities in Oaxaca.


The mercado will offer a curated selection of Mexican and Canadian specialty provisions as well as handmade textiles, pottery, tortilla presses and more.

Soon we’ll be able to pop by the cute ‘El Caminero’ take-out window and grab a bite to take and enjoy in the park, on the beach or in our own backyards.

Taken from Website:

Behind every chile, kernel of corn and native grain  sourced from Mexico are stories with thousands of years of heritage, genetics and biodiversity attached to them.

Location: 1596 Johnston St. (across from the main market entrance – Granville Island).

For reservations: (236.521.8440)

Only Churros for dessert but with dulce de leche it’s enough to complete the evening.


Photos: d. king



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