Ambleside Ambling

Last Lazy Days of Summer

Sometimes being a tourist in your own city can be very rewarding. Of course it helps if you live in a beautiful city to begin with.

Ambleside Beach with Lions Gate Bridge in background. Photo: d. king

Remember; people travel or used to from all over the world just to be exactly in a place that we tend to take for granted.

Photo: d. king

On Sunday I was on my way to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver but remembered along the drive that there is a Farmers’ Market in Ambleside Park, at the foot of 13th Street.

It’s on every Sunday from 10am to 3pm, May through October.  Since it was a gorgeous day we stopped there first. I love this market.  They have such a wide assortment of organic foods and a nice varied selection of B.C. crafts including jewelry, clothing, wrought iron, garden sculptures, soaps, pottery and much, much more.

Faces of the Farmers Market

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king   Keeping up good spirits is very important especially right now.

Stock at the Market

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. King

Ambleside Ambience

I must say the market and the whole Ambleside area in general is very dog friendly.  I ended up playing ball with Layla off-leash in a sprawling huge park area across from the beach and we hung out on a blanket for quite some time.  That was after having lunch at The Boat Shed.  And before we listened to live music on the beach and then walked all along the boardwalk.

Chilliwack Corn is the best.  Photo: d. king
They sold out early. Photo: d. king

Photo: d. king
Fresh Poke Bowl for lunch. Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king

The Boat Shed at Ambleside Beach.  Local fresh cuisine for everyone.

Pavel, our waiter was excellent.  He recommended an awesome homemade Mexican cilantro hot sauce to compliment my meal.  I took it home.

The Boat Shed. Photo: d. king

Gelato. Photo: d. king
Layla on Pier. Photo: d. king
Lions Gate Bridge from the park we played at. Photo: d. king

Oh; we never did make it to the Lighthouse.

Boat Shed Website:

Have a wonderful weekend


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