Feel-good Friday: Oh it’s October

Here’s hoping your month gets off to a good start.

On this first day of October I’m attending my very first Zoom wedding, and hopefully my last. Well I’m not really attending – rather watching from my computer.  Yup, you read that right!  And to be fair; it is a very tiny gathering. still no excuse!  One of my best friends is re-marrying her ex-husband. Throughout their divorce of many years and other relationships, they’ve remained each others’ best friend – which only proves that friendship and respect are key ingredients for a successful partnership. The good thing is I don’t have to dress up although I might put on some makeup. I think all eyes will be on the couple exchanging vows…but just in case.  Can you believe I actually said “the good thing is that I don’t have to dress up?” 

Today also marks the first day that VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) begins.
VIFF celebrates its 40th edition from October 1-11, 2021 with a kaleidoscopic collection of Canadian work, East Asian cinema, powerful documentaries, narrative cinema from some of the world’s leading lights, elevated genre fare, and much more.  Big screen or small, VIFF is excited to share the 2021 program with film fans in Vancouver and across the country. Explore the full program at viff.org and on VIFF Connect starting today.

Antonio Banderas + Penelope Cruz in “Official CompetitionHmmm this should be interesting.
Ties between Tiger and Trainer: An Iranian Zookeeper takes Maya, a Bengal tiger he raised from birth for her first trip out of the Mashhad zoo for a film shoot by the Caspian Sea – once home to the now extinct Caspian tiger.


I also want to introduce my exclusive local gift packages. 

The Champagne Birdcage

Something new although I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time and always enjoyed putting gift baskets together for special occasions. Two options filled with small lot, carefully chosen wine/cheese/chocolate delights. A few of my favourite things packaged up to please for all kinds of celebrations.  Many of you don’t reside here in Vancouver, let alone Canada, but maybe you know someone who lives here and is looking to gift something unique.  Certain companies have gifted their clients and also special customers of some organizations have purchased these but hey; they also make a perfect wedding, anniversary or holiday present.  Have a peek and let me know what you think…

Available on my Shop page:

Have an excellent weekend!

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