Raising the Bar

Bar Cecil (pronounced sessel) is a homage to Cecil Beaton, a renaissance man who was equal parts rebel and aristocrat, an artist who lived between classical charm and new world rebellion, a provocateur, an Expressionist, and an aesthete who incorporated many mediums to create a style all his own.

THIS is how we like it!

Diane Keaton was a walk in the other night.  Guess she was just looking for a good bar.

Cindy Crawford was there for dinner next night.  The place is a draw…for good reason.

We met John (one of the owners) who very kindly gifted my friend and me some very cool swag.  Lucky us.

Bar Cecil is a love letter to Beaton’s vision of life and art: a celebration of what’s good, of eliminating that which is only pomp, and in the process creating memories through food, drink and hospitality. Bar Cecil is for those who follow the beat to their own drum, horn or whatever inspires them to create, to be individuals, and to embrace diversity. – taken from their website.


YES: we shall!


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