2022 – Moving ahead

2022 here we go! I like the numbers.  They appear more balanced.

Summing up the year so far…

words to live by

The theme of this year is letting go. Letting go of what cannot be controlled. For starters; to stop putting pressure on myself and on others to do more, be more and maybe just BE is in itself, a bit of a challenge. Expectations have changed big time. Energy wasting explanations too – like letting go of a need to explain when there is really no need to explain.

We’ve all experienced many unforeseen events and changes in the past almost two years and this year will be no different because change is constant and we have to deal with the good along with the bad. It’s only the uncertainty that is puzzling and seems to be trying everyone’s patience. 

This year kicked off with a kick in the chest of a few less people in my life – two amazing women I know have passed.  Even some friendships have changed.  Some have lessened, some have strengthened and one has unexplainably disappeared from my life. Nothing is as it was, and yet everything is as it should be (except finding out about the untimely passing of my friend Ruth). Just trying to accept things as they are is a test to human nature along with a testament to strength.

Humans are disappointing.  We can watch all the blood, graphic violence & soft porn on every day TV shows, but we have to watch our personal opinions on social media.

As the symbolism behind the number 2022 suggests: set priorities in life and use your energy and time on them exclusively. Avoid thinking about unimportant things as this will only waste your time and take away energy that can be used in a much more useful way. Only draw in honest people to your life. Don’t dismiss the importance of lessons from the past. If you are aware of your eventual mistakes, you will know things to avoid in the future. Fear can only block you from achieving what you want, so ignore it. Be fierce, confident, and trust your instinct. For example, our own beliefs and idealizing people that are obviously not good for us can teach us not to ignore what our instinct is telling us. If you trust your gut, that means you believe in yourself.  So believe in yourself!

Alison Bechdel in “The Secret to Superhuman Strength” writes:

“Peel it back far enough and beneath every obsession, every compulsion, every peculiarity of being, every creative act and every destructive act, there is the kernel of some universal human struggle or longing — usually for love or for control, the twin faces of the elemental human heartache: we are born to die, and in the meantime life is one great uncertainty throughout which we are fundamentally alone, no matter the people and possessions we surround ourselves with.

How these universals manifest, however, is to a large extent a product of the time and place into which chance has deposited us.”

In “Superhuman Strength” you can feel that Bechdel knows that she doesn’t have that much control. But perfection is not the point, which is the point. Control is an illusion; the secret is to let go. – part of New York Times book review.

Wherever we go, we take ourselves with us – Walt Whitman.

You can follow the right path or you can take a rocky road – which is okay if it’s ice cream.


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