Vancouver’s California Wine Tour

Soaking up the Sunshine indoors

Who would’ve thought that someone could experience all the wine regions in California under one roof?  I just came back from an extraordinary wine tasting trip right here in Vancouver at the Hyatt Regency Hotel downtown.

About The California Wine Experience!

Other regions not shown: Sonoma, Lodi + Central Coast (including Monterey +Santa Barbara).

California Wines and the Consul General of the US, D. Brent Hardt, invited us to take an exploratory trip to California Wine Country and discover the many vintners and wineries of the Golden State.  

For wine lovers this was an educational, immersive walk-around tasting event that showcased more than 400 wines from the Golden State.

Coppola Vineyards – we learned a few fun facts on the history of film & winemaking.
Bonterra wines are all Organic and also reasonably priced – win win!

During the three hour experience, we sampled wines from many regions and appellations and met with winery representatives to learn more about what makes their wines so special.  A sample below:

he he…..good thing!

I hope they do this every year!

Photos/Videos: d. king

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