All I Wanna Do

Is have some fun What I really wanna do is introduce you to exciting new recording artist Austin Jay and his debut single which is climbing up the Worldwide Hits 2022 charts!I met Austin Jay in Palm Springs just before covid hit and he immediately made an impression on me with his personable manner and good looks. I didn’t realize the scope of his talents until later.  We were part of a group for an impromptu wine tasting at local hangout Bouschet where he was sitting with a woman whom I misidentified as his girlfriend.  Turns out it was his mom. It’s not the first time I’ve put my foot in my mouth.  But Oh well…she looks young so it was an understandable mistake and hopefully a compliment, and since then she’s become a friend.  So getting back to Jay…

I’ve since become very impressed with his resume.  Austin Jay writes music, has studied classical piano and voice, has done community theater, and can act.  He’s on his way to being signed by a record label.

His song “All I Wanna Do” is taking off on Spotify.  After 3 1/2 weeks, it has over 30,000 streams!  There are 17,000 monthly listeners and thousands of followers with almost the same numbers as the top recording artists Lizzo and Justin Bieber’s monthly stats.  Austin has also debuted on the public playlist Top 50 in the UK, was featured in Crowns – the industry Music Magazine (see below). 

Speaking on ‘All I Wanna Do’, Austin Jay says: 

This is the song that got me through the pandemic, the reason why I kept on pushing and continued with my music. I believe in it with my whole soul. I want this to be my introduction to the world stage.”

Have a Listen:

Good work Austin Jay!  Look forward to tracking your success and listening to lots more HITS!


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