Selfcare: Blissyful Sleep

The #1 first step to feeling good has to be a good night’s sleep.

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How many of our days have been ruined with having had a crappy night before?  Mine certainly has.

So many factors go towards preventing us from getting a good sleep. A few examples being too much alcohol the night before, worry or stress. So what can we do to help?

Obviously not too much alcohol the night before.  Worry or stress can be lessened by a few simple steps.  These are not a 100% guarantee for  prevention, but they certainly will help. 

We’ve all heard that going to sleep before midnight is the best timing for a better sleep but we can’t stick to that rule all the time.  Taking a good quality magnesium capsule & *Gaba about half an hour before bedtime helps in creating a calmer mind. A dark room, an eye mask, ear plugs if need be and a room with an open window and a humidifier for dryness works wonders. Melatonin (3-5 mg.) on occasion helps with rem sleep.

I spray lavender essential oil in a spray bottle mixed with water on my sheets + pillow before bed.  Lavender is believed to help calm anxiety and increase relaxation. Some believe it to be an effective treatment for depression. Lavender also has sedative properties.  The scent alone cannot hurt.  But I also recently discovered something else very helpful – a silk pillowcase.

A silk pillowcase is the best!  The cool fabric helps keep your skin hydrated and smooth by keeping its moisture content intact which is especially good if you are someone with dry skin A good silk pillowcase reduces friction on the skin which helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines.  Best for hair because the smooth surface prevents breakage. I ordered mine from Blissy (link below) and it was on sale.  Made from highest quality 22-Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Silk.  The variety of colours are excellent and they have a zipper to enclose your pillow.  Easy to care for too.  Just wash with mild laundry soap in sink and hang to dry – dries quickly.

Let me know if you have one and if so, your thoughts?

*pharma Gaba is best because it’s formulated to cross the blood brain barrier.


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