Awakening at the Wynn

We’re so spoiled and jaded. When one goes to Las Vegas to take in a show we expect nothing but the best.  It’s getting harder and harder to please everyone. We want glitz, special effects, magic, mystery, music and story.  Which brings me to “Awakening” – the new show at the Wynn.  It’s more than all of that combined. 

courtesy of Wynn Hotel

Now THIS is a show! “Awakening” is a ground breaking state-of-the-art production in a 360-degree theatre where every seat has surround sound. This is the most technologically advanced production and stage in the world with a captivating story about finding the magic in a world where light & darkness co-exist.  Speaking of magic, the theatre is filled with a wealth of underwater creatures, an exquisite Nymph, a world of hedonism, a realm of fire and flying shadows in this powerful artistic expression of looking for hope, harmony and love.  A dynamic balance hard to obtain.

There’s never been anything quite like this before. It’s not another Cirque spectacle. “Awakening” has replaced “Le Rêve” and is only about two months old, having only opened in November/2022.  

Not only do we have Sir Anthony Hopkins narrating the storyline, it is produced and directed by three award winning masters. 

Baz Halpin is the mastermind behind iconic cultural moments ranging from Super Bowl halftime shows (the only main reason I watch Superbowl) to producing, directing and designing concerts for the world’s biggest performers (too numerous to mention here). 

Bernie Yuman is a legend in the production of entertainment.  He was the driving force responsible for Siegfried & Roy’s record-breaking 25-year Las Vegas engagement among the hit Broadway musical On Your Feet.  He also managed Muhammad Ali exclusively.

Michael Curry is known for his brilliant work on Broadway’s The Lion King (I saw it on Broadway and loved it) and countless other global productions.  He’s a sought after creator for Disney, Universal and the International Olympic Committee.

First off, the sets and costumes are nothing short of spectacular in a mystical setting. The opening line of the program synopsis states: “In a time before time, the Great Phoenix gave our world its first two beings. One was called Light and the other Darkness.  Light and Darkness lived in perfect harmony, which resulted in a world full of Magic.”  

“Over time, light became possessive of Magic and ignored Darkness, which made her grow cruel.  In anger, Darkness struck Light and he shattered.  Crystal shards of Light now resides in three different realms: the Light of Water, the Light of Earth, and the Light of Air.”

courtesy of the Wynn

There is a lot going on here to follow however, the sets depicting Water, Earth, Air are nothing short of mind-blowing entertainment.

We follow our beautiful heroine IO and her two friends Bandit and Boo as they attempt to steal Darkness’ most prized possession: Magic.

Magic leads IO and her friends on a journey to the three realms of Light – Water, Earth and Air.  They want to collect the crystals of light and place them in their settings where they belong to become whole again.  Once whole, Light and Darkness may reunite.

She and Magic are confronted with an epic choice: secure your own personal happiness or risk everything for something far more powerful.

The message is a semiological feast to do with lack of fear and the power of learning to accept what life has to offer and making the most of it. Learning to live with the light and the dark. Without the darkness in our lives, we cannot fully appreciate the light.

Sir Anthony Hopkins as narrator – “The light of the sun on its own would not give rise to life.  A seed in the dark earth on its own would not give rise to life.  Together they create the magic that makes life possible.”


FYI – I’ve woken up at the Wynn before and it’s pretty darn nice.


See below for tickets (you can watch the trailer however it’s much more powerful by far in person):


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